Thursday, August 5, 2010

Letter to Emmy

Dear Emmy,

To say that the past year has flown by would be a complete understatement.  Yet here we are, one year later.  I hope you have enjoyed your first year, we certainly have enjoyed spending it with you.  In trying to remember what we did before you entered this earth, I completely draw a blank.  I guess your daddy and I just sat around and stared at each other? 


The day you were born was so amazing.  You came into this world pretty calm, a little bit of crying-but no excessive screaming.  You had a fair amount of hair and your toes definitely came from your daddy.  For one full day, you looked like me.  After that, you looked to be a spitting image of your father.  When we would show newborn pictures of the two of you to people, they would agree.  You still look a lot like your daddy did at that age, but SOMETIMES I see little bits and pieces of myself. 


We have enjoyed watching your personality develop.  You are a very observant little girl, and you like to take visual inventory of your surroundings.  You just want to be on the go and I know you are ready for the day when you can walk without your walking toy.  Recently you discovered pointing, so we have been having a fun time telling you the name of whatever it is to which you might be pointing.  You like to play with phones and remotes and you do NOT like it when we take them away.  You have become more adventurous in your crawling and you like to go to the bathtub- if we had a stool there, you’d probably climb right in.  You love bath time and enjoy being in the pool.  We are working on your back float right now, but it kind of makes you nervous. You are 99% easy going, but in that 1%- we can see that you are also head-strong.  But that’s ok, we want you to be a strong individual.


When your daddy and I got married, we referred to ourselves as “team Sanders”.  We knew that alone we could do so little, but together we could tackle and conquer anything!  How apparent that has become now that you are with us.  You have a very loving, empathetic, involved and eager daddy.  You are a lucky girl.


Emmy, I don’t know how to describe the love I have for you.  It’s completely different than a mommy-daddy, sibling, Frank & Sally, college basketball, ice cream kinda love.  I just pray that even now, though you can’t verbally express it, that you feel that love. 

You have been such a blessing to me and I can’t wait to see what the future holds for you.  I can already tell that you are going to be loving, social, caring, inquisitive, laid back and maybe a little feisty (hey, a little bit of that is a good thing if you ask me).  Just know that you have my love both now and forever.





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