Thursday, February 24, 2011

January collage in detail

1. Playing at Whiteside park before Snowmageddon Two Thousand and Eleven.
2. On our way to take Valentines pictures
3. Bathing with Cousin Jackson(a year difference in age), I think we managed to keep most private parts covered.
4. “enjoying” the snow
5. Watching Dadoo (Rudolph) on a snow day
6. Trying to get dressed. It has been fun to watch Emmy develop these skills. She can get socks on now!
7. Playing peek a boo on neighbor Mike's truck
8. Helping out in the tub and getting a drink of water simultaneously
9. Need I explain?
10. Sledding down the snow packed street
11. Hugs for cousin Halle( 6 weeks apart) at aunt Eden's shower
12. Perfecting the art of "chopsticking"
13. Because sometimes, your belly just needs to be accessible
14. Hugging the steering wheel. Honestly, I have no idea here.
15. Primping
16. Eating peanut butter by the spoonful.

Number 16 makes her daddy grin ear to ear. Like father, like daughter.

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Good Morning to You


Last night, around 3:45am, your daddy and mommy heard you making noises on the monitor.  They left you alone for about 10 minutes but then they could tell in your voice that you were unhappy.  Your mommy told your daddy that she would go check on you, and that if she wasn’t back in three minutes to bring some milk in a sippy.  So three minutes later, your daddy came in and you downed your milk like it was going out of style.  Your mommy started to put you into bed when you reached out your hand, touched her face and so gently said “mama”.  As in “Mama, thank you so much for coming in here to rock me and sing to me.  I love you”.  She then placed you in your crib, turned on your music and caressed your back for a minute.  You told each other “night night” and then everyone went back to sleep.  After watching all of this happen, I can safely say that each must love the other very  much.

As told by: the fly on the wall


Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Valentines Shmalentines

I remember Valentine's day as a kid, and I have extremely fond memories.
We would have a sit down dinner and my mom would have little presents for us at our place at the table.  I do not remember a single gift- but I do know how special I felt that evening. 
Then I grew up and realized that Valentine's is such a Hallmark Holiday.  I participated in it, but I can definitely tell you I always had a little grudge with Valentine's Day. 
That is....until Emmy arrived.
It has a completely new meaning.

{valentine's card, thanks shea

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

eighteen months

This months post is a little late....I am still battling computer problems.  This month's collage is all iPhone pics, which probably captures our everyday life better than the big camera anyway.

So here is what we have been up to lately:

  • Emmy's words (mainly said on her own, sometimes needs prompting): Daa-doo (Rudolph), bumble  & herbie (from Rudolph move too), wah (wipe), bapple (pineapple), nah-noo (thank you), bow, bobbo (bottom), goooooo (immediately when we get into car), why-buh (diaper), I'm sure there are more- these are just the new ones
  • She is using utensils much better, I have ditched the plastic take and toss forks and we use little cocktail forks.
  • 3 molars this month: Upper Right (Jan7), Upper Left (Jan11), Lower Right (Jan23)
  • Went to the dr for wheezing and got placed on 5 day, low dose Prednisone.  Helped while on meds, but then got worse again afterwards
  • Emmy loves Nasonex and saline spray to be sprayed up her nose..weird, I know
  • When frustrated, Miss Thing stands and stomps her right foot repeatedly
  • She can count to three!  Well, kind of.  I say one, she will say two, I say too, then she yells THREE!
  • Most often, Emmy will either forewarn or tell us as soon as she has gone poopy.
  • She loves to practice putting on and taking off clothes.
  • The moment she gets strapped into the car seat, Emmy starts to take off her shoes and socks.  Just like momma, those toes need to be free!
This last month, just like all the others, has been the best month yet.  Sooooo much learning, soooo many new words and new mannerisms revealing themselves.

Here's a little collage...I think in a future post I'll explain what most of the pictures are about.

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

18 months old

You guys, it really stinks having no working computer! Well, my Mini works but the hard drive is so small that I can't store images on it! Woe is me.

So, maybe tomorrow during my snow day I'll get around to posting and creating a January photo collage. Until then, I'll just be waiting for the snow. Call me crazy, But I don't mind it!

{giving pedicures}