Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Letter to Nora, from Daddy

My Sweet Little Nora Lee,

Happy birthday to you!  Your first year has gone by so fast – too fast.  It really doesn't seem that long ago that your Mommy and I were going to the hospital early in the morning to meet you.  You came pretty quickly once we got there, I know Mommy was pretty happy about that.  We have had a busy year and I wish it wouldn't have been so busy so that I could have held you more.  You like to be held and rocked so I hope we get to do that plenty as you get older.  We really couldn't tell who you looked like and we still haven’t figured out.  You look a little like Mommy and me but you are your own, distinct, pretty little girl.  We get quite a few comments and looks from people when you are with us, just in awe of what a pretty girl you are.

You are such a sweet little girl also.  You give the sweetest looks and I just love how you look at me and other people that love you.  Your pretty brown eyes melt my heart every time I look at you.  You have been content to just sit in people’s laps or just sit on the ground, so you haven’t done a lot of moving yet.  When you do start moving around, Mommy and I think you will be moving a lot!  You are starting to talk to us more and point and do quite a few more things.  All of your talking and gestures are just so sweet, every time.  Every time you accomplish something new, you get pretty excited and I can tell you are pretty proud of yourself. 

You are going to be growing up around two wonderful ladies – your mommy and big sister.  Your big sister sure does love you, maybe too much sometimes and you don’t like it.  You will let her know about it!  I love seeing you two interact and I can’t wait to experience how you two will interact as you get older.  Like I told your big sister when she was born, God made mommy to be your mommy.  She loves you so much.  You are really a miracle and a blessing to mommy and me.  We lost two babies in between the time you and Emmy were born.  Those babies are in heaven and we have you here on earth.  God blessed us with you – we are so thankful for you.  I pray that I can be the best daddy I can be to you.  I have a lot to learn about raising girls and I hope that you know how much I love you through my actions and my words. 


Your Daddy

Letter to Nora, from Mommy

Nora Lee,

                Happy Birthday to my little girl.  Where do I even begin?  First of all, has it really been a year?  I vividly remember every detail of March 19, 2012.  I remember waking up in the wee hours of the morning to head to the hospital.  Your daddy and I didn’t grab anything to eat before we left, so we intended on stopping by a McDonalds to grab something only to find out the one close to our house is not open 24 hours!!!  So we trudged on to the hospital….hungry.

                I honestly cannot believe 365 days have passed since the day we first met you.  You came out crying, just loud enough to let us know that you had a set of working lungs.  Dark hair also abounded atop your head and you had the most petite little legs. We knew right away that you didn’t look like your daddy’s baby pictures, my baby pictures, or your sister’s baby pictures.  We are still trying to figure out just exactly who you resemble.  Do know this, you are beautiful.  Complete strangers stop us to tell us this.  But also remember this; it only matters if that beauty is also radiating from the inside.

                Doing things on your own time, not performing on command and just now learning to sleep well at night, you continually remind us that you are your own person.  Just lately your little personality has really begun to develop.  You are sweet.  So sweet.  You blow sweet little kisses, say your words so tenderly and love to snuggle.  And although we tried to not make a habit out of it early on, you love being rocked to sleep.  Content to just sit on a lap and watch the world go by, you have decided that you aren’t quite ready to be a mover and a shaker JUST yet. 

                I love watching you when you accomplish something new, your face lights up and you clap for yourself! You have become very vocal the past few weeks and you like to point at things (arm raised up, finger pointed down) and grunt repeatedly.  You have big stories to tell.  But I will warn you, you have stiff competition.  Everyone knows how much I like to talk and your big sister isn’t too far behind. 

                Nora, your daddy and I may not bring it up too often, but please never forget how much we longed for your safe arrival.  You see, we lost 2 babies between you and Emmy.  The pain that accompanied those losses was so deep, but we trusted then and we trust now in God’s promises and we know that He orchestrates every detail of our lives.  We know that without those losses, YOU would not be here. 

                My daughter, you bring so much joy to my life.  You have taught me to savor each moment and each passing milestone.  Never in one million years would your daddy and I have guessed that we would be blessed with 2 intelligent, sweet and beautiful little girls. I wish that you could stay at this sweet age forever, but I also look forward to watching you grow into a strong, generous, loving woman. 

I love you with all my heart,

Saturday, March 2, 2013


Emmy has a new word for the hubs.


It only comes out at the dinner table.  Why?  I don't know. But on the way home from the zoo today she told us "Daddy, I only call you father when we eat dinner".

And she doesn't just say it once or twice, she probably says it 20 times per meal. 

"Father, here is your placemat"
"Father, please sit by me"
"Father, I need a drink".

It's hilarious and (no lies here)  a little annoying all in one.  It is only annoying because her obsession is so great with saying the word "father" that it becomes a struggle to get her to eat. So to combat the eating issue, I just squirt a little more ketchup on her plate and throw her a bribe.....