Thursday, July 25, 2013

Colorado 2013 Day 2 {Saturday}

First I'm going to wrap up day 1 (Friday).  It ended well past midnight....

We rolled into Denver (Homewood Suites by the airport) around 115am.  We checked in and found out that we were in a smoking room.  They had NO other rooms available.  We checked into our room (sidenote: a girl had gone back to check it out and reported that the smell "wasn't too bad") and discovered that it did, in fact, smell like a smokey college pub.  Nora had been awake since 1030 and Emmy obviously woke up during the check in procedure, so we just let them play while we contemplated whether we wanted to just eat our hotel cost and find a non-smoking room at another hotel or just stay.  After about 40 minutes of calling around, walking to neighboring hotels and contemplating calling up Denver friends we decided to stay.  I think we all got to sleep at about 2am.

Then 6am happened...and both girls (in separate rooms) WOKE UP.  It's definitely a conspiracy theory.

We bathed the girls and played until the breakfast area opened at 7am.  We ate our breakfasts, packed up and then headed to Golden.  We walked around the cute downtown area and stuck the girls' feet in the FREEZING COLD creek.  After that we headed to a mall in Lakewood and got shoes at the Stride Rite outlet.  We were specifically going for Nora, but I knew there was no way we'd be able to leave without getting Emmy a pair.  They had a buy one get one 40% off, so it didn't end up too bad.

After shoe shopping (welcome to your life, Christopher Sanders) we went back to Golden to eat at Bob's Atomic Burgers.  We give it 8 thumbs up.  Nora had her first chocolate milk and we had some yummy burgers.  Then it was time to fight traffic and head to the mountains.  Traffic was traffic and there was construction.  Nora fell asleep about 5 minutes into the drive.  It took Emmy a bit longer but they each got a nap in.

Once we got to the condos in Granby, we went swimming and then hit the free ski lift with Mimi and Papa and the Jay & Eden clan.  Nora was a squirmy worm all the way up and all the way down.  Let's just say my nerves were running in high gear and I felt like peeing my pants the whole way!!

Mimi made a pizza and salad dinner, and thus the overeating began.  After dinner I'm sure the kids played a bit, I think we skipped baths due to the morning bath and swimming.  The girls went down easy and then Chris and I went on a the grocery store to stock the fridge =)

It was a good day.

Friday, July 19, 2013

Colorado 2013 day 1

Going to try my best to document each day of our vacation this year. It may be incohesive, full of sentences that en in prepositions- but I just want to remember what our life was like at this very moment: the good and the bad.

Today has already thrown us a few loops. I'm sure there are many more to come.

Today's schedule went something like this:

Work on last minute project at work
Go to retirement lunch for coworker
Come home and sweat like crazy while packing the car with the hubs
Pick up girls at school and depart at (330....was supposed to be 3pm)
Nora takes a "nap" from 830-1030
Emmy now asleep and Nora is still "trying" at 1145 okie time
Growl at hubby bc he wants me to go to the backseat to sing Nora to sleep.

Next stop is Denver, ETA 120am. We've got miles to go with lots of fun still to be had.


Monday, July 15, 2013

for real?

I'm guessing this one came from school, because I don't think we say it too often at home: little miss thing is appending "for real?" to the end of most questions nowadays.

"Are you going to go to the store for real?"

"Are we going on a walk for real?"

"Are we having eggs for dinner for real?"

"Are we going to watch a show for real?"

It's hilarious because it is usually used in the correct context.  I can't decide, however, if she's using the "for real" phrase in a hopeful or cynical context.

She's my daughter, I'm just going to assume it's the latter case.

Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Who Put That Backwash In My Cup?

650pm, kid's table, our house:

Emmy opens Chick Fil A cup full of lemonade.

Emmy: There are french fries in my lemon-lade
Me: Let me see.  (peeks inside not knowing what may be hiding in there).  Oh, that is backwash.
Emmy: Who put that backwash in my cup?
Me: Well honey, backwash happens when you take a drink but you aren't finished chewing your food.  So I guess it was you that put that backwash in your cup.
Emmy: Oh