Friday, March 30, 2012

Life lately includes

Cleaning carpet while the toddler is away.

Eating food that has been delivered to our doorstep by family and friends.

Hearing 20x a day, "Mine-uh hold my baby thithter". Translated: "I want to hold my baby sister"

Big sis giving her friends a ride in her swing.

Being unable to get a good pic of the 3 of us.

Friday, March 23, 2012

The Novel of Nora's Birth

So…time to sit down and do the TMI post about Nora’s labor and delivery.  I just re-read Emmy’s post and it helped spur my memory on what to include.

First things first, Nora Lee Sanders made her appearance at 10:46 AM on Monday, March 19, 2012 (a day after her daddy’s birthday).

Those of you that have been following our journey lately know that both fundal height measurements and ultrasound measurements were showing Nora to be on the small side.  Not alarmingly small, just small.  At my 38 week appointment (which was at 38.5 weeks) my doctor asked/beat around the bush about induction.  I had made it to a point where her systems were fully developed, and if she was in fact little then we could get her into the outside world to grow. I had also been dilated to a 3 and 80% effaced for 3 weeks.  I was definitely on board.  We set the date for Monday, at that time- I was 39 weeks 3 days.

Chris and I went to bed very excited Sunday night mostly because of what was to come the next morning, but also because KU had just beaten Purdue in the 2nd round to get themselves into the sweet 16. It was a close one, and at the end of the game I was jumping up and down in excitement.  I can’t believe my body even remembered how to jump..hah!  Anyway, we went to bed and honestly- I got about the best sleep that I had in awhile.  No middle of the night potty calls, just pure sleep.

We woke up at 415, got ready and headed to the hospital.  We were told to check in at 5am so we left ourselves enough time to go grab some food.  But lo and behold… our closest McDonalds isn’t open 24 hours?  I thought all McDonalds were open around the clock?  Guess not.  So we headed to the hospital, hungry.

Hate to ruin the story for you...but from here on out- things were really smooth.  I was hooked up to Pitocin at 530, and dilated to about a 4.  At 715 my doctor came in and broke my water.  I was dilated almost to a 5 and 90% effaced.  At 915 my epidural was in and I was dilated to a 7.  I am so glad I decided on the epidural when I did.  After my doctor broke my water she told me I could get it whenever I wanted.  I honestly wasn’t feeling too much pain with the contractions and thought I could hold on a little longer.  Around 830 I decided I was ready for a little pain relief and called for the epidural.  Apparently, right after I decided I wanted mine 2 other ladies did as well.  Sorry ladies for whatever pain you had to endure, but I made my decision quickly and got my epidural first…hallelujah!  Hah.  Back to the story, the epidural went in without a hitch.  My 2nd epi from Emmy’s L&D almost didn’t happen because the anesthesiologist almost couldn’t get it into the space correctly.  I was a little worried this time around, and had decided if I went into labor on my own I was going to try to go epi-free but with the Pitocin, my decision changed. Really…back to the story this time.  My epidural was placed and finished around 915.  The nurse checked and I was dilated to a 7.

The next check came at 1020 by my dr and she found me to be completely dilated and effaced.  She told me “we are ready to go”.  I think I was in awe and questioned her, “as in, we’re ready to push? Baby time?”

I can’t remember what time I started pushing, but Nora Lee Sanders came out at 1046am with a teensy bit of assistance from the vacuum on the very last push.  She was in more of a left occipital anterior position instead of fully anterior(head down) and the vacuum was the extra little help that she needed in coming out.

Everything was so different this time around from induction, to quick dilation, to a successful one and only epidural to not as much pushing.  I really think the effects of the epidural had so much to do with it.  This time around, I could still feel the pressure of the contractions after the epidural- but did not feel the pain.  Therefore, when I was pushing I was much more effective because when the nurses would say “that was a great push”…I could actually feel what I was doing and repeat it the next push.  Pushing a child out in 3 sets of contractions is DEFINITELY nicer than pushing one out in an hour and a half.

One thing that didn’t change was the great care in L&D…I really appreciated how calm the nurses, techs and Dr were during the actual delivery.  They were so encouraging and made me feel like I was doing such a good job.

After Nora’s delivery, the grandparents (minus Chris’ dad b/c he was feverish) and Emmy came in to meet Nora.  We spent a few hours in there and then moved to the recovery room about 3 hours later.  I spent another few hours with a “peg leg” (my left leg) and was pretty much confined to the bed until it regained feeling.  Apparently since I was on my left side when I received the epidural, the left side becomes the last to regain full feeling.

We spent 2 days at the hospital and were discharged around noon on Wednesday, March 21.  Nora’s discharge weight was 6#10oz.  We went for a follow up appointment today (4 days old) and she is up to 6#13oz (after we changed a VERY full diaper).  We are so happy she is almost back up to birth weight.

We are home and adjusting to life as 4.  My mom has been with us this week and it is so nice to have an extra set of hands (especially since those hands are willing to do Emmy things while we are a little preoccupied with the newest princess of the house).

Thank you all for your thoughts and prayers along the way.  We have been waiting a long time for this little girl and couldn’t be any more in love.

first pic as a family of 4

I am not certain why Nora is missing here, but I wanted to showcase Emmy's new "I don't really want to take a picture" face.

Nora Lee Sanders
7#10z 19"
10:46am March 19,2012

Saturday, March 17, 2012

39 weeks {nora}

my belly in neon, Picasa is so cool
What do you think about the bellies this week?  I don't think I look particularly bigger w/ Nora, but she looks like she's sitting a little lower maybe?
Her size: According to Babycenter, Nora should be 20" and just over 7#. For memory's sake, Emmy was born at 39 weeks +1 day (which is TODAY for Nora) at 7#2oz and 19.5"
How far along: 39 weeks as of Friday.
Total weight gain: +42lbs.  Exact same as with Emmy.  However, DR and ultrasound think that Nora is smaller than Emmy was at this point- so more weight for me to lose. Eeek.
Sleep:  As expected.  I am really looking forward to meeting this creature inside of me.  I'd much rather wake up to be feeding her than waking to go to the bathroom 3x a night :)
Maternity Clothes: Finding clothes this past week for work was a bit of a challenge, stuck mainly to dresses and really stretchy skirts!
Food cravings: Junk, ice cream, fried foods...basically anything that's not healthy for me.  I have a bad attitude towards food and my weight right now.  I know an end is in sight and I know that I lost TONS of weight while nursing Emmy.  I just hope it comes off as easily this time (with Emmy I didn't work out at all for a year postpartum, so if I do have issues getting the weight off this time then hopefully occasional workouts will help)
Food aversions: It tastes wonderful, but I have to force myself to stay away from lemonade of any sorts.  Lemonade=reflux.
Symptoms: Carpal tunnel in my right wrist and the arch in my right foot is about to collapse...I am guessing they are both related to swelling?
Stretchmarks: None that I can see. 
Doctor’s Appointment: I had an appt this past Tuesday, still 3cm and 80% effaced.
Movement:  Less jabs, more rolling...still plenty of feet poking out.  I love it.
Belly Button: Poking out a little on my left side only.
Best moment of the week:  It actually happened JUST husband came in and told me that the subfloor under our bathroom and part of our bedroom is destroyed from water.  Awesome.
What I’m looking forward to: Watching #1 with #2....hope it's a peaceful thing
What I miss: Not breathing like a fatty.....still.
Preparations:  We got the rest of the gear down today...but the house is a wreck!
Glad I have march madness to keep me occupied.  I'm highly impatient and ready for this little girl to get here.

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Interviewing Emmy 2.5 Years Old

I sat down recently and interviewed the cutest 2.5 year old that I know that lives in this house.  I had some very important questions to ask her, and here's what she had to say.

What’s your name? all gone (in reference to the bowl of baked cheetos she just polished off)

How old are you?  NO

How old is momma?  uh...Jordan

How old is daddy?  uh, I don't know...Chris?

What’s your favorite food? French fries

Whats your favorite color? red

What’s your favorite movie?  Dora

What’s your favorite toy?  Which toy do you like playing with the most?  Bubbles

What’s your favorite book?  That one....(and points to closest book)

What’s your favorite snack?  Cheetos (really, my answer would be yogurt melts b/c she asks for them every day!)

What’s your favorite song? Baby Turtle

What song do you and daddy sing? in, "It Ain't Me Babe".  The Joaquin and Reese version from "Walk the Line"

Wednesday, March 7, 2012

A perfect recipe?

I've been joking with everyone at work today that I am going to have this baby by week's end, here's the formula I'm basing it on.
Full moon thurs at 3am
+ rain to hit thurs at 3am
+ solar flare effects hitting earth thurs at 6am
+ my dr being out of town remainder of week
+ my gas tank on E
+ sickly child
= going into labor
Fairly logical if you ask me =)

Saturday, March 3, 2012

37 weeks {nora}

wow......that's all

Her size: According to Babycenter, Nora should be 19 1/8" and 6lbs 5oz.
How far along: 37 weeks as of Friday.
Total weight gain: +38lbs.  Yikes, but at the same time, oh well.
Sleep:  It's been a little more interrupted the past week, but I've also been drinking more water at night.
Maternity Clothes: ALL maternity and digging through Chris' drawers to find size L tshirts.  Kind of depressing when his stuff is even too small.
Food cravings: Just food in general, anytime anywhere.  This is amazing to me, b/c looking at the pictures- I have not dropped at all.  I should have NO room in my stomach for food- yet I am eating like I have a normal sized stomach in a normal space.  Thus, the 38# weight gain comes as no surprise.
Food aversions: It tastes wonderful, but I have to force myself to stay away from lemonade of any sorts.  Lemonade=reflux.
Symptoms: Right side swelling more than left and hips/pelvis are starting to relax a bit more.
Stretchmarks: None that I can see. 
Doctor’s Appointment: I have a biophysical profile(BPP) and appointment on Monday.  The BPP is to check on Nora's overall healthy since she is small for gestational age (SGA).  SGA just means that she is registering in the bottom 10% for size/weight.
Movement:  Lots.  She likes to get some body part near my pelvis and stick her feet out on the it almost looks like it's coming out my back.
Belly Button: Poking out a little.
Best moment of the week:  Making and eating chocolate cobbler Thursday night. So sad, hah.
What I’m looking forward to: Watching little girl on ultrasound on Monday.
What I miss: Not breathing like a fatty.
Preparations:  Think we are pretty prepared......well as much as we can be anyway.
Hard to believe we are almost there.  I complain and whine about my pregnancy symptoms, but truly am so blessed to make it full term.  We CANNOT wait to meet this new little being. 

Thursday, March 1, 2012

She needs an adjustable bed?

Apparently the little girl was needing a little more support under her weary legs tonight.