Friday, September 5, 2014

Evelyn {2 months}

We've made it to two months!  Two months of spit up, blow out diapers, finding deeply hidden spit up in the neck, being tormented by older sisters, and two months of being cute.  Evelyn's little personality is starting to shine through and there's definitely been more interaction!

I was just looking at Nora's 2 month post to spur my memory and at this point with Nora I still had 13# to lose.  Happy to say that I only have 5-6# to go this time around.  I'm not stressing about it much at this point.  I am hoping that when I go back to work, and back to working out, I'll be able to get it off easily!

Here's what we are up to with Evelyn

Eat: about 7-9 times a day
Sleep: Evelyn is a night owl and usually goes down around 1030.  She wakes around 5-6am but I can usually hold her off with the paci until I wake her at 7 to eat.  I am contemplating whether this is good or not.  On one hand, it allows us to go longer between feedings but on the other hand, I am still awake the whole time b/c I have to reinsert the paci so many times. Nighttime is spent in the rock and play sleeper and some of her naps are spent in the cradle. She still likes her arms to be swaddled.
Shoes: I don't even know what tub our newborn shoes are hiding in...
Clothes: 0-3 and 3 month clothes. She is wearing the 6-9 month Gerber onesies which brings me to the question of, does anyone's baby really fit into the gerber onesie sizes at the same age?  They seem to be so teeny tiny.
Diapers: Just moved up to size 2, we were having too many blowouts in the size 1.
Trips: nothing further than Claremore
Likes: keeping her eyes closed (self defense mechanism so that big sisters don't bother her?), kicking and batting at her floor gym, a nice swaddle, spitting up, baths and being held or in a carrier
Dislikes: being hit by or having toes pulled on by Nora, being poked in the eyeball by, are we seeing a pattern?
Milestones: In the past few weeks Evelyn has tried the bumbo and at least moves head side to side on tummy time, but no vertical movement yet.  She has also just started big smiles and multiple conversational cooing sessions during the day (8 weeks).
Other: At her 2 month appt, Evelyn checked in at 23" and 14#, that means she's up 7.5# from birth!!!!  She is very calm right now and has little demands.  She does have some reflux and we just started Zantac.  We also have an OMT appointment scheduled for Friday.  Hopefully the combination will bring her some much needed relief.