Wednesday, September 25, 2013

No "no-nuts"

I need to write this down for memory's sake:

This morning, Nora woke up a bit early (620) with a major poopy diaper, so there was no way she was going back to sleep.  I took her into our room to change her diaper and then she crawled on Chris.  She was starting to get grumpy so I told her I'd go get a snack for her.  I came back with Kix in a bowl and she immediate started crying and hitting (well, swinging her arm in the air) and then slammed the bedroom door shut.

You know why?

Because Chris told her I was getting some nonuts (donuts) for her and she was THAT MAD when I returned with cereal.

We are SO paying for Chris' toddler years.

There's a reason his toddler nickname included the phrase "Bad Attitude".

Wednesday, September 11, 2013

A Day in Our Life

I made one of these posts a few months ago,you can find it here.  At the time, Emmy was 3.5 and Nora was 11 months.

The girls are now 4 and almost 18 months, and I think life IS a bit easier now.  I realize this post is going to be SO SO boring- but I treasure these life snapshots.

Here is what tonight looked like for the Sanders fam:

445: Leave work to get girls
525: Arrive home and start preparing dinner (Earlier this summer I was really good about cooking in the evenings AFTER the girls went down to bed- and then we would have that meal the next night for dinner.  I fell off the bandwagon completely after vacation)
535: Eat dinner (Tonight Emmy and Chris left at 545 for church activities. On Tuesdays we leave at 600 for gymnastics)
600: Take Nora on a walk around block to hopefully distract her from temper tantrum
615: Take a dip in the pool and play with pink plastic boats.
645: Nora has a mini meltdown and I ask her what she wants, she leads me back to her bedroom
713: After a few books, songs and rocking- Nora is in bed
734: Nora finally asleep and I start cleaning the kitchen
748: Chris and Emmy home from church
859: Emmy comes out of her room (we have mandatory, solitary play time each night) and tells us she's ready for bed.  We usually go back to her room by 830 on normal nights but she was extra wired tonight and needed a little extra time.
910: Start up an episode on a past season of the Amazing Race and Chris and I each pick up a digital device and start our mindless evening activities.
922: Make mental list of things that need to be done still, they include: feeding dogs and moving clothes from washer to dryer.

All in all- a pretty relaxing evening.  Life is definitely easier now.  Emmy isn't fighting bedtime near as bad and Nora is sleeping much better.  She did wake up once last night around 145am and was VERY sad.  Chris went in once and I went in once.  I gave her an ibuprofen (molars are really hard for her) and gave her a few pats on the back and she went back to sleep.

927: My children's ears are always burning.  Emmy just came out of her room to declare her need for allergy medicine because she sneezed once in her bed.....maybe this post isn't finished but let's hope it is.

Thursday, September 5, 2013

Nora's Shutterfly 8x8 Book

Finally ordered and soon to be delivered to my doorstep.  I love having a book for each girl and hope they will appreciate them one day too.  I was so pleased with Emmy's book, I am sure Nora's will be just as nice.

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