Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Evelyn {3 months}

Evelyn just turned 3 months old...how can that be???  We have had a busy month: I returned to work, Evelyn started at B'Nai, we took our first road trip and many trips to gymnastics and dance class.  Evelyn continues to be an even tempered, go with the flow baby.  Please let it stay that way!!!

I have mostly enjoyed returning to work.  I am so thankful to be able to work out at the Y at lunch time.  I think I've lost a little bit of weight since last month and just have about 3lbs to go!!!  I am running the Tulsa Run 5K on Oct 25th, so hopefully training for that will help with the last few lbs.

Now onto the real reason of this post, updates on Evelyn.

Eat: Yesterday Evelyn nursed at 715, then had bottles at 930 (5.5oz), 11:50 (5oz), 2:10 (5oz), 4:40 (5oz), nursed at 6pm and 715pm. 
Sleep: It's been a little rough the last week b/c of Evelyn's cold.  However, she's usually asleep by 8-9 and awake at 630-7.  It's not the most restful sleep for either of us, but I am not having to feed her in the middle of the night. At the beginning of the month she was going to bed at 1030, so we've made lots of progress here! She is currently sleeping in the rock & play b/c of congestion, but usually sleeps in the pack & play.
Naps: All over the place.  We can usually count on one good nap per day (1.5-2 hours) and then lots of catnaps.
Shoes: Haven't even tried.
Clothes: Mostly 6-9 month clothes.  Many of these clothes are hand-me-downs so I'm sure they have shrunk a little bit.
Diapers: Size 3 at home and finishing up size 2's at school.  We always move up a size when she starts to have lots and lots of blowouts!
Trips: First trip to TFL Sept 12, Girls Weekend in Ottawa Oct 3
Likes: bath time (her most active time of day, just like Nora), breathing fast when she's starting to get upset, batting at toys, smiling at familiar faces
Dislikes: the period of time between bath and bedtime (as soon as she's out of the bath she gets cranky and wants to eat), taking multiple long naps in a day (she used to take long ones at home on the weekends but they have disappeared...I don't know what we do so wrong with our kids and sleep!)...that's about it. Evelyn is such an even tempered kid.
Milestones: Likes to sit up in bumbo, bearing more weight on legs, smiles when you tickle her chest/neck, more cooing, lifts head and all of chest on tummy time, intentionally bringing hands to mouth and very interested in grabbing things, likes to stick her tongue out and "lick the air", blowing spit bubbles (started with the wonder week leap 12), started at b'nai on Sept 10, transitioned to pack & play (out of smaller cradle) on Sept 28
Health: I touched on it earlier, but Evelyn has a cold: goopy eyes, sneezing, coughing, snot, etc.  She's had it for about a week. If it's still the same at the end of the week then I'll take her in to evaluate for a sinus infection.  No fever yet, but the older girls don't run fevers very often either. Reflux seems to be about the same.  She's still very spitty but the Zantac has helped it not hurt her so much.Other: I am still off of dairy but did have a dairy meal last night b/c we were so rushed.  It has been really hard this time around to get back into the groove of making dinners.  Obviously having 3 kids makes things harder but having them in 2 different schools doesn't make things easier.  All 3 of our children are doing well with transitioning to new schools and being a part of a family of 5.