Monday, July 25, 2011

iPhone Friday 07/23/2011

A little delayed, but here are the pics that should have been up on Friday!  I was completely out of my routine on Friday because I started my vacay a day early!

Teaching my girl the best things about making brownies.

Reading books to Daddy before nap time.

She LOVES her boots and always picks the best time to wear them too!

I sat in a class all day Wednesday.  I almost fell asleep at least 5 times.  This breakfast sandwich probably didn't help matters out.

Driving to OKC Friday evening...see the Devon building under construction on the left?  It's insane.  Friday night was the start to our Colorado 2011 adventure.

This week was a little uneventful, but I know there will be a picture overload next week from all of the vacation pictures.  Hope all my friends in OK are surviving the heat.  My body is getting spoiled with these chilly evening temperatures in CO.

Sunday, July 17, 2011

Cannas 2011

The only thing I can say about any of these pictures is that YES, Emmy did pick out her own shoes. I like to give her that freedom. She's a stylish one, no?

Friday, July 15, 2011

iPhone Friday returns

So, I'm completely bummed. As you probably know already- my old phone took it's last picture over the 4th weekend. I lost ALL of my pictures from the en of may to the beginning of July. Lesson learned-I will now try to sync my pictures at least twice a month.

I was able to find an older phone so I am back in action. So here are some pictures to cover the last two weeks.

Getting ready for swim lessons.

"Mastering" the spoon.

I love our little garden.

Watching toy story on the computer while toy story plays on the tv.

Not quite sure what happened to the cuc on the left.

Bring back the blizzard. I'll take four wheeling in the snow any day!

Happy weekend!

Thursday, July 7, 2011

23 months-and well into the terrible twos

Here is what Emmy has been up to on her journey to two years old:

FAVORITE SONG: "I had a little turtle"

FAVORITE FOOD(S): Fruit snacks, cucumber and tomatoes with tangy dressing, ketchup

FAVORITE BOOK: "I Love You Through and Through"

FAVORITE WORD(S): "I'll get it", "I'll do it" and "I did it", "How-do" <-- which is aka HOUSE. She is rapidly moving past saying single words and practicing putting 2-4 words together.

FAVORITE SHOW(S): Handy Manny and Toy Story 3


  • Emmy's love for "lo lo" (lotion) has only increased.
  • She talks to inanimate objects. On the ride to work, if I hit a pot hole, she gets her finger out and shakes it while saying "NO car". Today I caught her spanking her knee and telling it no. She cracks me up.
  • She can AALLMMOOSSTT jump. The bend and stand up part is good, we just need to get some air time.
  • She loves standing on her tiptoes and closing all the doors and saying "Bye Bye doors".
  • Emmy is doing great in the pool, she loves to wear her puddle jumper and kick to the steps in the pool. Then she'll get on the 2nd step and "jump" in.

Well, the countdown is on for birthday #2. I have NOTHING planned. It's amazing how much of a difference there is between planning this year and last! Hopefully the trend DOES NOT continue next year or else the poor girl might not have a party at all.

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

23 Month Collage

We have had a very busy 23rd month, and have LOVED it!
Here's what we have been up to (L to R, Top to Btm)
1. Swimming. Goggles, Puddle Jumper floaties and Emmy in her "pool"<--The small floaty disk thing that she is in.
2. Watching fireworks @ Stone Canyon.
3. Cousin Grace came for a visit. Emmy calls her GeeGee (hard G)
4. Probably talking about an "owie".
5. Picking apples with Grandpa.
6. Reading books with cousin "Jacksee".
7. Just chillin.
8. At a wedding this past weekend.
9. Walking around the U of A campus.
10. Sippin on some cold lemonade at the Samson Picnic (Drillers game).
11. Hangin w/ Bunco after some serious swimming.
12. First haircut!!! (Well, a trim in the back. No longer do we have business in the front and party in the back)

I would stay up and write out the 23rd month update, but think I'll wait for my travelin' man to get home.
Man do I miss him when he's gone. I get so bored that I blog! hah
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Saturday, July 2, 2011

Travel buddy

We are off to Fayetteville for the weekend for a wedding. This is the first wedding chris has been in since we have been married.

Even though it's only an hour and a half (ish) drive we still loaded up the whole house! Daddy made sure to bring monkey along, and I believe Emmy is happy that he did so!