Thursday, January 28, 2010

Bath Robe and Kitchen Sinks

Emmy got a bathrobe as one of her christmas presents, but silly us- we ordered a 0-9month robe. Why in the world did we think it would fit? Do you see her stomach peeking out there? hahaha. I guess I need to be on the lookout for a bigger sized robe.
We have abandoned the bathtub that requires her to lay down. She is just too active for that now. Emmy is starting to sit up without support, but she's not sitting up well enough to be bathing in the big tub. I think the kitchen sink is just her size, and she does too!

Saturday, January 16, 2010

Things I've Learned...

  • any situation can be made better by looking at a smiling baby, especially your own

  • bananas look funny coming out the other end

  • just because a baby CAN roll over doesn't mean she always will

  • I had heard, but now experiencing this fact: the same post baby weight does NOT look the same as pre baby weight

  • I could not do this without my amazing, ever-involved husband

  • just because the pants say 6-12 months doesn't mean a baby can grow out of them at 4 months

  • when walking into a baby boutique, don't open your wallet- it can lead to bad, bad things

  • carseats (the travel system type) should have wheels and a handle

  • TV's are a lifesaver, thank goodness we have 4 operational ones in our house

  • I have enough hair on the bathroom floor to make 2 wigs

  • every day is different, and that's what makes it fun

  • babies are smart, you don't think Emmy is playing me when she squaks when I leave the room? Is she really upset: NO. But did she get me to come back into the room: YES.

  • People are drawn to babies, it's odd how many heads a baby can turn when she enters a room

  • I didn't realize I had it in myself to be a true caretaker

  • Running errands will never be the same, but that's ok

  • i'd rather starve until I eat after emmy's bedtime than eat in a rush while she's awake

  • walks around the block have never been more fun and entertaining

  • we will need to get an x-cargo (rooftop carrier) with the next child. The SUV has already run out of room.

  • lastly, I've always known- but Emmy has been a fresh reminder that our God is amazing. He blesses us everyday in ways that I realize, and in so many more ways that go unnoticed. I am so thankful for His unconditional love and I pray that Chris and I do our best at showing the same kind of love for our child(ren).

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Happy five months my pretty, pretty princess

Emmy- you are five months old today! Where in the world has time gone?
You are such a good baby, and I love listening to your cackles and laughs. As long as we are smiling while doing something, it will almost always make you laugh too!
When Daddy rubs his head against your belly, you just break into laughter- it is such a sweet sound.

Here’s what you’ve been up to, and where you have been the last month:
· You are lifting your head and part of your chest on tummy time. Sometimes you will push against your arms.
· You like avocado!
· You can hold onto objects, you like your little hand rattles.
· You pull your pacifier out of your mouth and try to get it back in. You can actually get the pacifier in your mouth, but you don’t close your lips to keep it in there.
· You are talking more in general, but you really like to talk in the car and at night to try to keep yourself awake. You are a long winded little girl.
· You enjoy your doorway jumper, but we are still working on the “jump” part of things.
· You rolled over at 4 ½ months! I was putting your clothes away in your closet and missed it!
· After grabbing objects, you take them directly to your mouth.
· You are wearing 6-9 month clothes, but even those are a little snug.
· You are paying attention to books and pages when we read.
· You are VERY ticklish around your face and collarbone.
· While hold objects in your hand, you really like to examine them. I wonder what’s going through your head sometimes!
· You are holding your bottle! It’s not to the point where I can leave you alone with a bottle, but it helps free my hands for my iPhone! Hah.
· When we walk out of a room, you will continue to look that way to wait for our voice or to see us re-enter the room.
· Almost everyone caught the stomach bug at your first Ensley Christmas, you did too. Yours wasn’t too bad, but I could tell you weren’t feeling the best.
· Rock Chalk…your first KU bball game was a rip roaring success. Everyone ooohed and aaahed at how cute you looked. (KU vs. Cal, Dec 22…KU won, of course).
· Couch potato! You love the TV, and your favorite show is still The Office.

You are such an easy going baby, we are so blessed to have you in our lives.
I pray all the time that God will help us to be the best parents for you and that you will come to know and love him.
You have brought some much joy into our lives, your smile and laughter can turn any situation around.

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