Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Busy day

Emmy sneezed this morning and I wiped it with my tee shirt. In the dark. Once we got into light I actually took a look at it. It was approaching the hue and saturation of the Nickelodeon slime. (more on this later)

If you saw my first facebook status of the day, you may have noticed me lamenting the fact that I am ALWAYS late in the mornings. I am Emmy's chauffeur both to and from school. She attends "school" downtown and I also work downtown. So it just makes sense. But some mornings and some afternoons, I just wish someone else could fill that role. But alas, I am a parent now an so I will be chauffeur for another 15 years at the least.

Now back to the Nickeloden slime colored snot. I know you were holding out for this one.

Emmy has been congested and sneezing since August 6, 2009. That's right, her birthday. Sometimes it's better, other times it's worse. Right before we left for the sugar bowl it was AWFUL. So much mucous that she had the "mucous" pukes. It quickly got a step better and had been staying there ever since but didn't go away. Today we decided it was time to see someone. So at lunch (and naptime) we went in and found out she wasn't sick. Her little lungs are just having a hard time. She still isn't completely healed after having rsv last year (as far as lungs go). So we were told to continue breathing treatments and are on a 5 day, low dose prednisone. Fingers crossed this works.

There's an end to this story, but I'm too tired. I'll finish it later.

Here's my baby, she fell asleep between the drs office (21/Yale) and school (9/boulder).

Sunday, January 23, 2011

internal combustion

Five minutes ago, I deleted all the pictures on my camera.

It had all pictures from January on it...I am sick.

My insides reached 106.7 degrees, I'm pretty certain.  There were pictures that can be repeated.  But there were some of Emmy and her cousins with their great grands, and those are hard to come by.  UGH.  NO!

There were also some of our home improvement day, which is what I was wanting to post.  I sewed some curtains for Emmy's room, or should I say I recrafted some tableclothes from Target.  Chris installed a new kitchen faucet.  Might I just say at this point, Delta + Touch2O technology is awesome!  If you come over to my house anytime in the future, you do NOT have to turn the water on and off.  JUST TOUCH THE FAUCET! So cool.

Also, a year ago in this post (ONE YEAR AGO) Chris and Emmy started working on installing the instant hot water dispenser.  Well, I can gladly say that part of it is finally IN!  Now just waiting on Chris to round up some help for some water line installation stuff and it will be done!  Woohoo.  Maybe by the next time we have a baby it'll be ready for sanitizing pacifiers, warming up frozen milk and thawing food.  Wahoo.

So, I'll leave you all with a picture of the Emmers and myself from last night.
We were both tired girls and passed out at 7pm sharp.

Friday, January 21, 2011

Guest poster

Hi all. It's Emmy here. Just wanted to tell you about my day.

First, daddy stayed home with me until 9am because my school opened late. Then I ate lots of snacks, played, ate lunch, had milk, took a nap, had snacks, read books and then mama picked me up. We went to braums to get milk then met dadda at home.

Later, we met some of mama and dadda's friends at hideaway. I sat in my highchair for five minutes and then I really really needed to get out! I was all by myself in that chair and got lonely I needed extra snuggle time so I sat in daddy's lap. Then I went to mama's lap. Then mr. Adam held me for awhile. Mommy thought I was being a pill, but I just wanted to be social.

After awhile I got a little warm inside the restaurant so daddy and I went outside until everyone else was finished.

On the way home from the restaurant they told me they were not happy with my behavior at dinner. I thought I was perfect. Maybe next time they will see it from my point of view.

Thursday, January 20, 2011

random iphone photos for the week

Happy "almost" friday to all of you! Looks like alot of the Tulsa area is out of school again tomorrow. Still waiting to hear about Emmy's school. They were closed today, which is rare- but so glad none of the teachers had to get out in this mess. Chris has the option to not go to work tomorrow since the school district that we live in is OUT for tomorrow.

Here are a few random pix from the past week. Captions are below each picture.

We went to a birthday party and came back with some new, used cowgirl boots.

This is the bus that turned out in front of me on 36th street just east of Peoria. He or she then proceeds to drive 25 mph to Harvard where he/she then turns north. (Usually takes up both lanes while turning and waits until a yellow light to turn so that people behind the bus have no chance of making the light). I've been skipping the BA in the evenings because of the construction, but not really sure my city streets route is any saving any time.

This one was on facebook....I left Emmy alone for awhile and found this. She loves to clean. I guess the penguin nightlight was a little dusty.

She is so helpful in the tub. She likes to dump water on her head, in her mouth, on her belly and she likes to rub in the shampoo as well.

Chris bought all these storage tubs and I finally got around to organizing them. From L to R: Tub 1)christmas gift bags and ribbon, 2)christmas wrapping paper, 3) "other" gift bags, 4)"other" wrapping paper.

Emmy playing with her neighbor Lucy. They were banging their heads against the back of the couch. Silly girls.

Poor girl. Seems like we've been doing these breathing treatments for a year...oh wait...IT HAS BEEN A YEAR! Right now we are just battling chest crud and a constant cough. It doesn't wake her at night, but makes her wake a little earlier in the mornings.

I got rear ended this morning. This is tne 2nd time in 6 months. Neither were bad enough to file..well, actually need to check on this one. He hit me near the black dot (the rear parking sensor) and the paint is cracked around it. It made me mad...not for being rear ended, but there is some damage on the back bumper from the previous owner and I wish someone would hit me hard enough so I can file and get a new bumper!

Daddy, bubbles, bathtime, no clothes. Life Is Good.

My kitchen, after Emmy emptied the lower cabinet full of metal bowls and after cooking tonight's dinner.

The kitchen a short, err long, err short 15 minutes later.

Hope you all stay safe out there on the cruddy roads. Learned a fun trick from my dad today: If you are going downhill and having a hard time stopping on snowy/icy roads you should throw your car in neutral and then brake. If you are in drive then your wheels still want to travel, and if you stay on the brakes- you'll get that weird sound.

Ok, enough randomness for the night. TTFN

Monday, January 17, 2011

My Predicament

I am still feeling guilty.

I have a feeling that the other decision would not have settled well either.

There was that third choice, but I didn’t think of it until it was too late.

The Place: Reasors 41st/Yale
The Time: 8:30ish pm
The Dilemma: someone needing money

So I finish loading my groceries into the back of Sasquatch(my dad’s name for my vehicle) and get into the driver’s seat. I notice a woman who exited a car (car then drove away) and then walked right towards my car with a panda bear in her arms. I am slightly worried so I lock my doors. She comes to my window, knocks and I roll it down a little. She, in a matter of fact- no shame manner asks “Can I have $20 to buy my baby some formula. If you do give it to me, I'll give you this stuffed animal”.

Now…here’s where I get stuck: Does she have a baby? Is she going to reach her hand into my window and try to get in if I don’t give her the money? Where is the baby? Why did she ask for $20, why not just ask for money for formula?

There were a few occasions when we purchased formula for Emmy, and I know that you CAN buy a container for less than a twenty. I thought it was a bit weird that she asked for a certain amount. That was the first thing that triggered my brain, to tell my heart, that it probably wasn’t going towards formula.

I was stuck for a second and didn’t know how to reply. I came up with this “Ma’am, you must believe me when I say this- if I could see your baby, if I in fact knew the money was going towards the baby, I would gladly give you the money”.

She replied “it’s too cold for him”.

I looked up at my trusty display in the car that read “40* F”. I told her that yes it was a little cool, but that I’ve had my baby out in this kind of weather many times. She didn’t have much to say. In my mind, I have automatically assumed she does not really need the money for a baby but for drugs. I shouldn’t have assumed that, but I did.

I left Reasor’s feeling sad, guilty, uneasy, worried, and unsure.

Did I do the right thing? Should I have doubted her? What if there really was a hungry baby? Did I just make the face of a Christian look bad because I didn’t give to the poor? I have just been fooled before, and didn’t want to be taken as a fool again.

On my way home scenario #3 entered my mind. I could have gone into the store with her and bought the formula myself. I thought of that too late. I guess that would have been the tell-tale sign as to whether she really needed the formula or not.

Then I started thinking about the person dropping her off. What if that was her boyfriend/husband? What if he sent her out to get money and was mad when she returned with nothing?


This happened 19 hours ago and it’s still bothering me.

What would you have done?

Sunday, January 16, 2011


Bathtime has been so fun lately. New tricks learned at the expense of old tricks forgotten. Emmy used to blow bubbles in the tub, but has since moved on. Now, she likes to rub the shampoo into her mullet, tilt her head back when she knows it's time to rinse mullet, will dump water down her front, and mostly- she likes to stay in there until the water is cold!

Sunday, January 9, 2011

17 month update

So, I had nice updated ready to go on the big computer.  I just needed to spell check- and then it would have been ready to post.  Why didn't I just create a draft in blogger?  Well, I just didn't expect my computer to practically crash and die on me...agh.  We have absolutely nothing backed up, so I do hope it turns back on again just once so that (after I go out and buy an external hard drive) I can back up all those precious pictures we have.

Here is what I can remember of the list:
  • Just learned how to nod yes, and says "deah".  We are working on Yes Ma'am, Sir, or anything!
  • Can make animal noises for cow, sheep, duck, and kitty cat
  • Knows all the parts of the face (which I think isn't actually new this month)...is also learning elbow and knees.
  • Picking up new words left and right.  Very interested in what things are named, Emmy is trying very hard to verbally communicate although it usually just ends up with whining and stomping of feet.
  • Emmy was a great wrapping-paper-demolition-queen.
  • She is wearing size 18month-2T clothes, size 4-5 shoes, and size 5 diaper.
  • We did buy a potty but are not forcing anything right now, just wanted to have it handy.  Ya know, just in case (which realistically may not be for another 6 months or so)
  • Emmy received a new kitchen for Christmas and loves to dump out all her food, try to chew on it, and then abandon the scene.
  • This month she enjoyed a 3 day stay with Mimi & Papa while we went to NOLA for the Sugar Bowl.
  • Says either "bah" or "bee" for up.  She will pat the object that she wants on top of and will try to climb.  Poor thing just has short legs, she needs a step stool.
  • Says MAY-MEN after prayers.
  • Emmy has learned SO much this past month. She continually amazes us.  I'm pretty certain life was boring as all get out before she entered our lives.  So hard to believe 17 months have gone by when it just feels like yesterday she was a mere 7# baby.
Thank you for sharing in the memories with me.  I'm sorry if this post is boring for you, I write it down because I don't want to forget.

Saturday, January 8, 2011

December 2010 Collage

Wow, we've had quite the busy December: Christmas, playing with neighbors, bathing with cousins, ice skating rink, Uncle Greggy's birthday, watching Rudolph 50+ times.  When I get around to it, I'll explain more in Emmy's 17 month post.  It will be, of course, a belated post.

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Hurricanes, and Beignets, and Sugar Bowl- OH MY

Ok, so I've experienced 1 of the 3 titled subjects...but maybe by tonight I can accomplish my little list.

Yesterday adn today have been SO awesome!  I miss my little girl SO much but it's always so nice for Chris and I to get away.  But let me explain this: I have SUCH a hard time leaving her.  Terribly hard.

I have taken quite a few pics already (on big computer and phone) and I'll definitely do a picture post when I get home but here's a written list of the things we have done so far:
  • Monday: Lunch @ Stanley Restaurant with a strawberry italian cream soda, walked all around the French Quarter, dinner at Commanders Palace, drinks at Delachaise and watched the Orange Bowl on a ginormous projector screen.
  • Tuesday: Breakfast at the terrible excuse for a "club level"...but hey it was free, not really, but included; beignets and cafe au lait @ Cafe Du Monde, a little bit of shopping, some new boots, lunch at Dickie Brennens Palace Cafe, rest time and now on our way to Audubon Park and then on to the game!
Hope your Monday and Tuesday have been just as fun ;)

(didn't but it, but i LIKE it)