Friday, November 30, 2012

iPhone friday 11/30/12

(top to bottom and L to R)
1.  Just hanging out on tummy time, still not very interested in this whole rolling business
2. Emmy reading books w/ cousin Boyd and Papa
3. Target dollar bin finds!
4. Sweet sister
5. Emmy has figured out how to use the front camera on the iPhone!

Tuesday, November 20, 2012

8 Months {Nora}

I'm only a day late posting this.....wahoo!!

Here is what we have been up to this past month:

Eat: A typical day would include:  630am bottle, 715 oatmeal/fruit, 10am bottle, 1145 fruit/veggie, 2pm bottle, 430 bottle occasionally, 530 veggie/finger foods, 645 nurse/bottle.  My guess is a typical day would be 20-25 ounces of milk.
Sleep: (you can see previous blog post for more on this one) A typical day for Nora starts anywhere between 430 and 6am.  The earliest we go to retrieve her from her crib is at 6.  
Naps: During the week she'll take a 1-1.5hr morning nap (starting at 8 to 830) a 1.5-2hr afternoon nap (generally 3 hours after waking from morning nap), we are trying to get an afternoon catnap out of her but most days she doesn't buy into it.  During the weekend, at home, she doesn't sleep near as long as at daycare.  This seems completely opposite to me, but I'm just glad she sleeps well at school.  Emmy never did until she went down to one nap a day.
Health: Another ear infection scare on 11/11 but all clear...teeth? She is still acting like something is wrong, but maybe it's just teeth.  I wish we had a dr in the family.
Shoes: What are shoes?  This girl rarely even wears socks.  Amazing the things you forget to do the 2nd time around.  I do think her feet are a size 2 though.
Clothes: 9-12
Diapers: Size 3, but they are getting a little tight.  We will move up to size 4 as soon as we use up all the size 3 diapers.
Trips: None!  Trying to get her sleep scheduled more consistent really gets in the way of things.  In fact, we have had to divide an conquer quite a bit this past month for birthday parties and church.  It will be very interesting to see what happens this weekend up at my parents house for Thanksgiving.
Likes: jumping in the jumperoo, LeapFrog music table, eating her toes, food, staring at her video monitor camera when she wakes up (it's like she knows that we are watching her!!!!), yelling when she sees "Emmy the beast" approaching, falling asleep during the bedtime nursing/bottle, splashing in the tub, pooping during nap and nighttime, sippy cups
Dislikes: sleeping in (old news), the booger sucker (aka nose syringe....she doesn't just dislike it....she HATES it)
going from sitting to belly by means of falling, spinning on belly when she wants, sporadically scooting backwards when on tummy time, FINALLY rolling belly to back and can get 1/2 way around from back to belly, saying: mamamamama (which sounds more like muh-muh) with some baaa, gaaaa, and daaa's in there, she also screeches a lot- this is usually in response to Emmy screeching in her ear

Other: Nora is becoming very easy to excite.  When we pick her up from daycare, she will just start bouncing with happiness(whether that be while sitting on the floor, or in someone's arms).  She has no separation anxiety when we leave her in the morning and will occasionally give me "kisses" when I drop her off.  She's still not a big fan of holding her bottle, and she still wants her bottles VERY warm.  Emmy still loves Nora very 
much, but does not like for her to touch her big girl toys. She will tell her "No, baby.  No touch".  It's funny b/c I think Emmy calls her "baby" more than "Nora.

Oh, and how could I forget about Halloween happening this past month.  Nora wore a ladybug costume at her daycare party and a flower on Halloween.  Emmy was Minnie Mouse again (her request!)

So you made it this far????  You deserve some pictures.

Saturday, November 17, 2012

Nora's (lack of ) Sleep

It's 11:22pm.  I should be in bed.

It happens every time.

I could write a mathematical proof.

Late bedtime for mommy (or daddy) = early rising for Nora or Emmy.

Let me start by saying this, I know that every child is different.  But I cannot help but compare sleep schedules between Emmy and Nora.  At this age (just shy of 8 months), Emmy was sleeping 12 hours a night but only 1.5-2 hours at school. Nora on the other hand is sleeping around 10 hours (max) at night and 3-3.4 hours at school.  So both equalled about 13.5 hours, just in different ways.

Here's what is just killing me about Nora...the anywhere from 430-530 wake ups (and many times it is b/c she has pooped her pants....and really, I can't blame her for not wanting to go back to sleep with a pile of poo in her diapo).  It's rare that the girl sleeps past 6am.  She really lives by the motto "early to bed, early to rise, makes a baby healthy, wealthy and wise".

We have a standing rule in our house that if she is awake before 6am...well then tough "you know whats" for her, she just has to stay in bed until the official wake up time.

Did I mention that it's rare for her to sleep in past that wake up time?

So I know what you are probably thinking.  "Oh Jordan, just keep her up later".

I know, that probably would cure it.

But I'm telling you what....short of dangling the girl by one foot, whilst hanging upside down, I cannot wake that girl up after her bedtime feeding.  Some nights it's actually a problem b/c I cannot get a burp out of her!

This is just the tip of the iceberg in how different the girls are in their sleep patterns.
I would be oh so thrilled if you would share any experiences that you have with "curing" an early riser!

Thank you and sweet dreams =)

Friday, November 16, 2012

iPhone Friday 11/16/2012

This week has completely flown by...but what's new. In fact, Chris and I were talking about how the last 8 months have flown by.  Can it really be that in 4 months our tiniest princess turns 1 year old?  I'm going to have to start planning a birthday party soon.  How could this have happened already?

This week was full of so much fun.  We had Nora's dedication, met new friends, had some sisterly couch time, played beauty shop with daddy, made funny faces, sat naked on the toilet holding a leaf, and practiced using a sippy cup.

7 months + 27 days

It's been too long since I've done this...but here is a side by side of the girls are the same age (Nora at 7m27days and Emmy and 7m28days)

Friday, November 9, 2012

Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Baby Products Review: Feeding

Hi, my name is Jordan and I am a gadget person.  There, I admitted it.  I love new thingamabobs.  I always "need" the newest version of something...although I am sitting here with my iPhone 4s so I guess I don't ALWAYS require the newest, fastest gadget.  Just most of the time.

Combine that with having 2 kids now and I feel like we've tried many different baby things.  Some worked for us and some didn't.

I thought it'd be fun to do a little baby product review series for any of my preggers friends...or for anyone who just loves to read about baby products!  I think it's amazing the new things that came out between Emmy and Nora.  We did get a few new baby items when Nora came along that weren't available in Emmy's day and age ;).

So without further adieu, here's my list of our top "feeding" items that we used and my take on them (please keep in mind that these words are my own and are just from our own personal experiences).  Also please note that they are in no particular order because I am too tired to rearrange.

Yes you will look like a cow when using the "hands-free" option and yes you will feel like one too.  But, you can also fold laundry, walk around the house, pick up toys and mow the yard all at the same time (hah.  Never tried it, but I bet you could).  This pump has been my best friend.  It is a little louder in comparison to the Pump In Styles, but it's completely portable and fits in your hand.  The battery is rechargeable and lasts a few days before needing to be charged again. I recommend you check out if you plan to buy any pump.  Much cheaper on this site than in store (even when using coupons).
They run about $40 each I think?  A tad bit on the expensive side, but if you buy the Freestyle (which becomes hands free when you attach it to your nursing bra) then you might just be wearing your nursing bra all day.  I have 3 bras and could probably use a few more.  The only problem I've found is that I was a Medium right after delivery (also wore these when I was pregnant) but could probably use a smaller size now.

A dear friend bought this for me when we were pregnant with #2 (first miscarriage).  It had been sitting up in the attic until recently.  I have now made a few batches of food for Nora with it.  It is a nice all in one machine.  True, you could steam your food on the stove and then get your food processor out and do the same thing  But, I enjoy the convenience of this one!

So you know those squeeze pouches of food that sell for $1+ in the stores?  They are so convenient!  Well, Beaba came out with this little silicone beauty that you can put purees/yogurt/applesauce/etc in and use OVER and OVER and OVER again.  Genius, I tell you.  One drawback is that the food does flow out of them a bit easier than the pouches so they need to be used with parental assistance until those toddler fine motor skills can work the pouch without it going all over their face.

These are the only bottles we have used with Emmy and Nora.  I have heard horror stories about how babies can be finicky with their bottle preference?!?!?!  Luckily we didn't have any of those issues.  This bottle may not be the most economical or environmentally friendly (Do the math on the liners and you will spend much more in a year than if you just buy a traditional bottle...and maybe the liners are recyclable, I need to check), but I LOVE this bottle.  I love that when immersed in hot water, they heat up pretty fast since the heat only has to transfer through the liner, not a plastic bottle.  I love that you only have to wash the nipple and the lid, the bottle itself can just be rinsed.  I also love that the bottle does not allow air to come inside when baby is drinking from the bottle.  It is supposed to be a great bottle if you have a colicky baby.
I haven't used this item as much as I thought I would.  It's a system of lids and adapters and such for the Drop Ins bottle.  It has a pump adapter so you can pump right into the liners, and then seal them with a flat lid and then freeze.  When I have used this, I used it mainly for the pump adapter function.  I find that using breastmilk storage bags (I use Lansinoh) store in the freezer better because you can lay them flat to freeze and then pack them up in a gallon sized Ziploc bag.
This little black bag is one of my best "baby" friends.  The cooling element is built into the bag so you just pop it in the freezer and it will theoretically keep things cold for up to 12 hours.  I'm a little skeptical on the 12 hour , so I would say the 8-9 hour mark is more realistic (which has suited all of our needs).  It can hold 2 tall bottles.  Or one tall bottle and some baby food jars, or it can hold quite a few Lansinoh bags.  I have even used it a few times when I pack my lunch!  Oh, I also used this when I was severely engorged after Nora's birth.  I placed my NUK relief packs in there and would put them on the "girls" after feeding Nora in the middle of the night (in efforts to tell my body to STOP MAKING ENOUGH MILK FOR OCTUPLETS!)
This is very similar to the Playtex cooler, but this one has gel inserts that you put inside of the fridge (as opposed to placing the whole bag in the freezer).  Our Target didn't have the Playtex item in store, so we got this one instead b/c we figured with 2x the girls we needed 2x the freezer bags.  I was wrong.  We haven't needed 2 bags at the same time yet, but it is nice to have lots of little bags around so that one of them is ready to use at any given point in time.
From WalMart, Target or's the perfect device for warming up a bottle :)

This item has a permanent spot right by our sink.  (If we had more room in our sink, I'd just place it there....but, we use our left side sink to dry dishes and the right side is always full of sippy cups. HAH).  I fill it up about 1/2 way with soapy water.  It's the soaking dish.
This thing will change your life!  Not only is it great for having instantly hot water for warming up bottles, but it also reduces water boiling time for making pasta!!!! We had bought one of these to be used while Emmy was a babe, but this and that..and yadda yadda didn't get installed until Nora.  But that's OK, it was totally worth the wait!  Just make sure you tell your guests what it is when they come over so that they don't try to wash their hands under 160*F water!

This isn't necessarily the weaning that we think about (weaning from bottle, formula or breast)...but it's more about the introduction and movement towards solid foods.  In BLW, you skip the mushy food and purees.  I made it about 1/2 way through this book and decided I knew enough to give it a try.  I had great intentions of sticking to it, but we have now ended up doing 1/2 mushy foods and 1/2 solid foods.  Some solids (in solid form) that Nora has tried so far: Avocado, apples, pears, toast & hummus, pasta, pot roast, carrots, potatoes, sweet potatoes, peaches, squash (too stringy) and cooked egg yolk.  I love the theory, and I agree with the authors and mama's who have used this that it makes meal time less stressful and more fun.  Baby gets to explore with food and decide what SHE wants to eat.

This nursing pillow was a lifesaver!  I had some issues with Emmy and her latch b/c of her tongue tie and the boppy just wasn't cutting it.  Don't get me wrong, we love the boppy and use it for many other things, but it just wasn't good for us for nursing.  The MBF pillow is much more firm and really helps you put baby in an optimal position for nursing.  In the early days it can be used for a cradle type hold or the football hold.

What do you think?  Did I leave anything out that was essential for your first year with baby?  I'd love to hear your thoughts throughout this series.

Friday, November 2, 2012

iphone friday 11/02/2012

The Emmy Collection:

The Nora Collection: