Tuesday, November 20, 2012

8 Months {Nora}

I'm only a day late posting this.....wahoo!!

Here is what we have been up to this past month:

Eat: A typical day would include:  630am bottle, 715 oatmeal/fruit, 10am bottle, 1145 fruit/veggie, 2pm bottle, 430 bottle occasionally, 530 veggie/finger foods, 645 nurse/bottle.  My guess is a typical day would be 20-25 ounces of milk.
Sleep: (you can see previous blog post for more on this one) A typical day for Nora starts anywhere between 430 and 6am.  The earliest we go to retrieve her from her crib is at 6.  
Naps: During the week she'll take a 1-1.5hr morning nap (starting at 8 to 830) a 1.5-2hr afternoon nap (generally 3 hours after waking from morning nap), we are trying to get an afternoon catnap out of her but most days she doesn't buy into it.  During the weekend, at home, she doesn't sleep near as long as at daycare.  This seems completely opposite to me, but I'm just glad she sleeps well at school.  Emmy never did until she went down to one nap a day.
Health: Another ear infection scare on 11/11 but all clear...teeth? She is still acting like something is wrong, but maybe it's just teeth.  I wish we had a dr in the family.
Shoes: What are shoes?  This girl rarely even wears socks.  Amazing the things you forget to do the 2nd time around.  I do think her feet are a size 2 though.
Clothes: 9-12
Diapers: Size 3, but they are getting a little tight.  We will move up to size 4 as soon as we use up all the size 3 diapers.
Trips: None!  Trying to get her sleep scheduled more consistent really gets in the way of things.  In fact, we have had to divide an conquer quite a bit this past month for birthday parties and church.  It will be very interesting to see what happens this weekend up at my parents house for Thanksgiving.
Likes: jumping in the jumperoo, LeapFrog music table, eating her toes, food, staring at her video monitor camera when she wakes up (it's like she knows that we are watching her!!!!), yelling when she sees "Emmy the beast" approaching, falling asleep during the bedtime nursing/bottle, splashing in the tub, pooping during nap and nighttime, sippy cups
Dislikes: sleeping in (old news), the booger sucker (aka nose syringe....she doesn't just dislike it....she HATES it)
going from sitting to belly by means of falling, spinning on belly when she wants, sporadically scooting backwards when on tummy time, FINALLY rolling belly to back and can get 1/2 way around from back to belly, saying: mamamamama (which sounds more like muh-muh) with some baaa, gaaaa, and daaa's in there, she also screeches a lot- this is usually in response to Emmy screeching in her ear

Other: Nora is becoming very easy to excite.  When we pick her up from daycare, she will just start bouncing with happiness(whether that be while sitting on the floor, or in someone's arms).  She has no separation anxiety when we leave her in the morning and will occasionally give me "kisses" when I drop her off.  She's still not a big fan of holding her bottle, and she still wants her bottles VERY warm.  Emmy still loves Nora very 
much, but does not like for her to touch her big girl toys. She will tell her "No, baby.  No touch".  It's funny b/c I think Emmy calls her "baby" more than "Nora.

Oh, and how could I forget about Halloween happening this past month.  Nora wore a ladybug costume at her daycare party and a flower on Halloween.  Emmy was Minnie Mouse again (her request!)

So you made it this far????  You deserve some pictures.

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