Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Thursday, July 19, 2012

4 months {nora}

So as of the last monthly update, I had 7-8# to lose.  Happy to say that I have about 3 more to go to reach my pre-pregnancy weight.  Wahooo!  The "hungries" have definitely hit, so I eat whenever I feel like I need to.  I try my hardest to make good food choices when I snack, but sometimes I cheat. 
Now, time for the monthly update:

Eat: Earlier in the month the first feeding was at 7am, lately it's been 530am.  So today's schedule looked something like this 530am, 845am, 1145am, 245pm, 530pm, 8pm.  During the day Nora takes 4.5-5.0oz bottles and her 8pm feeding is also a bottle, usually between 5 and 7 ounces.
Sleep: Usually asleep by 830 and as previous item said, now waking a little early to eat.  Not sleeping quietly through night as she is still waking somewhere between 2-4. I usually try the paci a few times and then eventually put her in our bed.
Naps: The late morning/noon nap is usually the best nap at 2+ hours.  The morning nap and afternoon nap are more along the lines of 1 hour.  We try to get her to nap in the evening but that doesn't always work.  I can foresee her dropping that evening nap and hopefully going to bed earlier.
Shoes: The Pumas still fit and I just put a pair of size 1 shoes on her this evening.  They pretty much fit, of course- a tad bit on the large size.
Clothes: mostly 6 months.
Diapers: Size 2, but we are finishing up the last package of size 2s and moving up to 3s.  We tried Huggies and she had 3 blowouts and peed out of the diaper 2 times.  We are back to Pampers, they just seem to fit her better.
Trips: Up to Kansas to visit my parents and out to Claremore for the 4th.  Nothing big, but we are about to embark on a major road trip this Friday to Colorado.
Likes: Staring/smiling/laughing at her big sister, a semi-swaddle (right now we are actually using our sleep gowns again, but just not putting her arms in the sleeves), the TV, when I sing Matt Redman's "10,000 Reasons" song, touching things with her feet, batting at play gym objects, having her lovey close to her face when she sleeps, baths.
Dislikes: having to wait on a bottle, sleeping through the 2am-4am restless period. 
Milestones: Nora rolled over from stomach to back on Friday, July 13th.  She did it a few times in a row but has not done it since.  She does rock while on tummy time and tries to move her legs.  I hope she's not an early crawler.  Emmy didn't crawl until 10 months and it was AWESOME to have an immobile child for that long! She is also coo-ing SOOO much.  Nora has big stories to tell and is up against quite the competition in Emmy and myself. She can bring her hands together while grasping an object, or also at her chest.  She is finally starting to stand up straight when bearing weight on her legs.
Other: It's so fun watching Nora's face lights up when she sees myself, Chris or Emmy!  She usually has a grumpy little scowl, so it's nice to see the corner of her lips turn upward.  Also, unlike her sister, Nora looooves to fall asleep in someone's arms.  She's so sweet and snuggly and it's SO hard to put her down in that "drowsy" state.  I just want to enjoy this time with my littlest princess.

We have had a busy 4th month with no signs of slowing down.

The girls at 4 months.  You can tell who is who, right?

And coming up in a future post, I need to tell you about the following fun things coming out of the mouth of Emmy: asking us how was your day, telling stories, imagination going wild, making up her own songs, jumping into pool & swim lessons, wrestling, chapstick, saying "yesterday and all the time", we've "GOT" to do/get this, stories about things flying up and flopping down, chapstick....and probably more

Wednesday, July 18, 2012

She loves me, she loves me not

She loves me

She loves me not

So i posted this on Facebook, but wanted to write the story down here on the blog.  Tuesday morning I received a text from our amazing nanny, Alex, that she would be out for the day with a tension headache.  I was in our bedroom with Nora when Emmy woke up, so Chris went in to get her.  When she came into our room, she was ALLL smiles (refer to picture #1).  Then I told her that Alex didn't feel well and that she'd be spending the day with mommy...things went south quickly (refer to picture #2).

Our conversation went something like this:
E: Emmy, C: Chris, J: Me

J: Emmy, Alex is sick today, so you get to spend the day with Mommy!
E:  NO, I want Alex to come over.  YOU GO TO WORK
C:  Have you told her the fun things you are going to do today?
J: No I haven't.  Hey Emmy, guess what?
E: What? (pushing through the tears just to get one word out of her mouth)
J:  We are going to go to the aquarium!!!

And that was the end of the conversation.

We did end up having a very nice today, and I think she liked me by days end.

I only kid about her not liking me.  I know she loves both Chris and I dearly.  She LOVES going away with friends and family members, but is ALWAYS so happy to see us when we reunite.  It's absolutely perfect.

Friday, July 13, 2012

iPhone Friday 07/13/2012

Three weeks wrapped into one. I'm such a slacker.
My model. Our one and only zucchini and squash before the squash bugs attacked the plants. Bedtime story with neighbors. Doesn't get much cuter or sweeter.

Bath time with bonzos. Painting pottery (aka therapy for mama). Nora talking to her carseat toy. Removing about 6 cactus quills from Emmys hand.

My pillow thief. Emmy living the life. Nora's top half of her bikini. Sisters.

That is an excited face. That is my little model. Telling secrets already, maybe planning a coup? The girls playing "handies". I had the best video of this and them accidentally deleted it. Absolutely. Makes. Me. Sick.

There you go, our life the past 3 weeks. It doesn't get much better than this.