Wednesday, July 18, 2012

She loves me, she loves me not

She loves me

She loves me not

So i posted this on Facebook, but wanted to write the story down here on the blog.  Tuesday morning I received a text from our amazing nanny, Alex, that she would be out for the day with a tension headache.  I was in our bedroom with Nora when Emmy woke up, so Chris went in to get her.  When she came into our room, she was ALLL smiles (refer to picture #1).  Then I told her that Alex didn't feel well and that she'd be spending the day with mommy...things went south quickly (refer to picture #2).

Our conversation went something like this:
E: Emmy, C: Chris, J: Me

J: Emmy, Alex is sick today, so you get to spend the day with Mommy!
E:  NO, I want Alex to come over.  YOU GO TO WORK
C:  Have you told her the fun things you are going to do today?
J: No I haven't.  Hey Emmy, guess what?
E: What? (pushing through the tears just to get one word out of her mouth)
J:  We are going to go to the aquarium!!!

And that was the end of the conversation.

We did end up having a very nice today, and I think she liked me by days end.

I only kid about her not liking me.  I know she loves both Chris and I dearly.  She LOVES going away with friends and family members, but is ALWAYS so happy to see us when we reunite.  It's absolutely perfect.

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