Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Friday, February 12, 2010

Our Story

Our story actually starts before this picture was taken, but I don't have any pictures from the awkward junior high years.

I moved to Claremore in 1994 from Indiana- our house was about 1.5 miles from Chris' house. We probably had a few junior high classes together- but didn't talk much. In high school we had a little bit more interaction with one another. Chris played football, I cheered, we were in some classes together and spent time together in student council. On one occasion, we TP'd someones house together. I won't say who- but he is in this picture.

My memories of Chris from high school are few and far between.
After high school, I went west on 412 to Oklahoma State and Chris went east on 412 to the University of Arkansas. I graduated spring 2004 and moved out to Virginia with my wonderful sister and her family. I spent one year there teaching high school math and then came back to Claremore to teach and coach cheerleading. In this time, Chris finished his bachelors degree in Civil Engineering and began his graduate work in the same discipline.

Chris would periodically come back to Claremore to watch his little brother, Greg, play football at Claremore. I saw Chris at a few football games and eventually struck up conversation with him to see how life was treating him (I had to keep 3 eyes on the cheerleaders to make sure they were doing what they were supposed to be doing- it's harder than you think). To my surprise, he was working on his masters degree and seemed to be loving it (keep in mind, this is the boy who didn't pay much attention in high school and really didn't seem to have academics as a #1...maybe #2 or 3).

Football season ended and basketball season began. I kept seeing Chris. In fact, we had an away game at Tahlequah one rainy dreary night. Chris had journeyed from Fayetteville to watch Greg (or was it to see me???) He asked for my number, in the "just friends" type of way and we talked about hanging out sometime. Completely platonic at this point, so I thought. A few weeks later, we had a game at Edison HS (In Tulsa). Chris was there watching Greg- for some reason his mom and dad weren't there. So I decided to sit by him to keep him company.

After talking for a few minutes, he asked me out on a date. I said.....YES. My mind hadn't really thought of dating him at that point, but I figured it would be fun (I had just gotten out of a 4+ year relationship a few months before this). Our first date was December 17, 2005.

The next day we went to Charlestons and I had a good time, but he didn't talk much. So our next date we went to dinner and then to a restaurant/bar afterwards to watch some college bball and have a beer. It was my master plan to make him talk more...and it worked!

It was Christmas time and I was spending it up in Kansas. On Christmas day we all said our goodbyes and I headed back home. I have never made such a fast trip from Ottawa, KS to Claremore, OK....I think I was really ready to hang out with this new man in my life.

More dates, lots of good conversations and trips to Fayetteville were bright spots in my last semester of teaching. I can't tell you at what point "i knew"...but very early on, I just "knew".

In May, Chris and I took a trip to Vegas and Reno. I really thought he was going to propose on this trip, and he didn't. I was a little disappointed.......

But not for long- because on June 8, 2006 on the Spanish Steps in Rome.....it happened.
4 months later, we were married. I was so sick of wedding thinking, planning, paying, planning.....I just wanted to be a wife to my husband.

We have had an amazing 3.5 years together. In the short time we have been married, we have experienced so much together. I can't explain the love I have for my husband and I can't find the words to tell you how supportive he is of his family.
Perhaps someday I'll reach the point of satisfaction with myself, but I am continually striving to be a better wife to my husband. I'm short tempered, easily angered, often unsympathetic, mostly cynical and can often be critical. I know I have so much to work on, and I love Chris so much b/c despite my character flaws- he loves me through it all.

We now have this little girl, Emmy, and she has added a whole new dimension to our lives. I knew that Chris was a wonderful husband- but can I just tell you how amazing he is at the role of Daddy? Seriously! Emmy is so fortunate to have such an involved, caring, interactive, loving, nurturing father. He loves his little girl, and she knows it.
We are both so lucky to have him in our lives and right now, we are both missing him badly (please hurry home from Houston....).
The path to "re"meeting Chris was a strange and twisted one, but I have no doubt that God specifically laid out that path just for us. My year of teaching and coaching was treacherous to say the least, but had I not endured- I'm not really sure how the story would have ended.
I love you, Chris.

Thursday, February 11, 2010

No creative title, but Emmy is 6 months old.

Wednesday was Emmy’s 6 month checkup. The Dr was pleased with her development and very impressed that Emmy can put her pacifier in her mouth! She also told us that we can start doing biter biscuits. I’m sure "little bit" will LOVE them.

This past month has been eventful, with more sick days than healthy- here’s what Emmy has been up to:

  • New foods: sweet potatoes, oatmeal, peas, pears, turkey, applesauce
  • Dr’s appt on Jan 7 b/c we thought you had an ear infection…nope!
  • You are so wonderful at entertaining yourself. You can spend a good 30 minutes in your exersaucer, or on the ground with your playmat. You are also starting to enjoy your doorway jumper.
  • You are really enjoying your solids!
  • You play with your toes, and our toes!
  • You reach out for toys, can grab them and pull them to your mouth.
  • I love how you give kisses and hugs.
  • You are starting to get bedhead in the mornings, which means your hair is getting thicker, yay!
  • Peek A Boo is one of your favorite games right now
  • you can sit up by yourself
  • You’ve been really sick this month: vomit followed by fever followed by a cough and wheeze then diagnosed with RSV and a double ear infection.
  • You like to purse your lips together and blow "raspberries"
  • "ba" and "ga" are two new sounds that you are making.
  • You are doing much better on tummy time and will even hang out and play on toys while on your tummy. You can push up with your arms and you are starting to "swim" with your legs.
  • You turn to the sound of toys and usually turn to your name.
  • One of your favorite toys is a little rattle that you can easily grasp and pass hand to hand.
  • You go to sleep around 645 and wake around 645.
  • At the beginning of the month, you were taking around 36 ounces a day with solids once a day. As of right now, you are eating about 25-30 ounces a day along with oatmeal and fruit/veggies.

Friday, February 5, 2010

Our January...

Was filled with quite a few trips to the doctor, 7" snow, trip up to TFL, vomit, fever, RSV, double ear infection, nebulizer, snow angels, and despite the 2 weeks of being sick- lots of fun.