Monday, June 29, 2009

Cool Front

So a cool front moved through the area yesterday! Isn't that exciting? It was in the upper 60's when I woke up today, I got to ride to work with the windows down- one of my favorite things. I love living in Tulsa and being so close to work/church/friends/etc. There is, however, one little thing I miss. As much as I complained about my commute, I really enjoyed the drive into work. It gave me some time to eat breakfast, wake up, think- or not think, pray, and watch the sun rise. The 15 minute drive on the BA now just doesn't compare to the drive on the turnpike. Don't take me as complaining though, I just wanted to point this out b/c I NEVER thought I'd miss ANYTHING about the Claremore-Tulsa drive.

So, in a previous post- I stated everything I hoped we could accomplish over the weekend. I think we got it all done! Well, we didn't do too much relaxing- so we'll do that tonight. Emmy's room actually looks like a room, not a junk collection site. Chris hung curtain rods and curtains in 2 bedrooms and then I steamed the curtains. Our house is spotless- whew, it feels good.

Friday, June 26, 2009

Our bed and Emmy's bed

So, I had a GREAT 2 days off of work! First off, we purchased a headboard/footboard for our bed (from Craigslist). I like it in our room.

It's also nice to have a place to throw the comforter instead of the floor. Makes our bedroom look a little more finished.

In other news, I finished Emmy's bedding!!!! YAY, let's all jump up and down and celebrate!!!

We still need to get some sheets and it really will look finshed. Woohoo. Sorry the pictures aren't the best, all of my cameras are up in KS right now- so this is the best the iPhone can do. I"ll post better ones later.

Not pictured, but also accomplished, is a bumper that I made for the cradle. It's pretty cute, if I may say so myself.

The room is starting to come together. We bought a rocking chair and all we need to do now is refinish the changing table and bookcase for her room.

It feels like I've already squeezed in a weekend, but now the real one begins.

Lots of cleaning to do, I should probably hide my computer this weekend.

Thursday, June 25, 2009

33 weeks down, not too many to go (but enough)

Wow, on wonderful Wednesday I hit 33 whopping weeks. I can't believe it. That means only 4-7 more weeks? Please please, keep your fingers crossed for less than seven weeks. Of course, if Emmy REALLY wants to stay in there a full 40- I support that. But man- with it being this hot in June, what's August going to be like?

Things are going well- feeling well- and swimming more than I did last summer.

I am so excited right now. I'm sitting at home, on my computer, watching the news at 745 in the morning? NOT AT WORK. I am going to work on Emmy's bedding today. I had told myself I'd work on it some weekend when we were at home and NOT busy. Hah, right. When does that happen? So I took today off and will probably take off tomorrow too. In addition to the bedding, we need to get curtains hung in two bedrooms, the crap - I mean, extra things- in Emmy's room need to be put in their correct places, general cleaning, a little gardening, and hopefully some relaxing need to be done

We'll see if that happens.

Hope everyone's beating the heat. Anyone out there have any idea the temperature of the air that comes out of your air vents while the AC is turned on. Ours blows at about 67 degrees out of the vent- yet our house has been at 81 degrees for the past few days when we get home at 530. I realize its REALLY hot outside, but seems like it should be a little cooler than this in the house. Phew, that's really hot for an already fat, hot pregnant person.

Have a wonderful day everyone! If it's been awhile since you've taken a day off of work just to relax/get a few things done. I completely encourage you to do so.

Saturday, June 13, 2009

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

31 weeks

That means, 9 weeks to go.
Which means, 9 weeks x 7 days/ week= 63 days.
Which further means, 63 days x 5 hot flashes/ day= 315 more hot flashes?


Now THAT doesn't sounds so great.

I think I'll just continue to think of it in weeks.

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

april rose

While I am getting an error while trying to change my layout, I will remove the april rose link. I believe this is a fake, a misleading attempt at who knows what.