Friday, June 24, 2011

iPhone Friday 06/24/2011

Wow. It's been a long week.
As chris was returning home Monday from the college world series-he received the news that his grandma had passed away. Today we laid Ollie L. Sanders to rest. Her body is completely healed-and all of heaven's occupants can now enjoy her fried pies!

Here are some other happenings from this week:

This is going to be a very clogged toilet!!!

Whoa mama. I am so spoiled by the AC. I thought I was surely 2 degrees away from melting. Thank you AC repair guy for making weekend service calls (and for charging me that extra arm and leg for it) so that the remainder of my weekend could be enjoyable.

Putting lo-lo on Uncle Greggy's sunburn.

Gotta keep your neck clean while eating milkshakes.

Brooklyn, Emmy and Jackson enjoying their drinks.

I love my little garden. Now, just waiting for the rewards of my hand pollinating (please squash, JUST GROW!!!!)

Hope you all have a wonderful weekend. My sis and favorite niece and nephew with the initials GG are coming to visit.

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

She's got skilz

Oh my. We are entering, actually already entered, a very interesting stage of toddler-hood. I am going to patent backwards pajamas that zip straight up the back. Who wants to be my financial backer for initial production?

Thursday, June 16, 2011

iPhone Friday 06/17/2011

Happy Friday friends. Don't forget that Sunday is Fathers day. So tell your dad, your husband if he is a dad, or a role model in your life that they have/ or are currently impacting your life in a positive way. I'll try to remember to tell Chris- but he will be up in Omaha at the College World Series so he might be too busy enjoying himself to even remember ;)

On to iPhone pix...

Is this what I do????

Playing with great grandma pat.

True. Fried. Eggs (we do this approximately once every 5 years)

After Emmy spilled some water, chris went to the kitchen to get a towel. As soon as he came back in the room she swiped the towel out of his hands and repeated no less than 10 times- "I'll do it"

Driving daddy's old truck one last time-we will finish the sale on Monday. Wahoo

Sunscreen rash :(. My natural sunscreen stick has been ordered.

Friday, June 10, 2011

iPhone Friday 06/10/2011

I love these iPhone Friday posts because I will be able to look back someday at our day to day happenings. What I DO not like about them though, is that it makes me very aware of how fast time is going by.

Picnic with our neighbors, Emma Jane and Lucy.

The sanders house has 2 ketchup addicts. That is a half gallon of milk next to the "bih-dip". Hopefully this will last us awhile.

Gettin her hair did. This was pre-haircut by a few days. I will post on that soon- after I get the last few whispies trimmed up.

In a meeting yesterday. I found the perfect foot rest.

Happy Friday all. Enjoy the weekend.

Monday, June 6, 2011

2 months till 2

So I'm getting just slightly stressed that I have no idea what we will do for Emmy's 2nd birthday.  Any ideas?

I am just having too much fun watching her grow to plan a party.  I mean, who wouldn't want to hear "NO" coming from the backseat 50 times on a 12 minute trip in the car?  I kid, I kid.  Emmy is growing so fast and her personality is shining through more and more every day....this stage, as every stage has been, is fun but not without its struggles.

Here are highlights from the past month:

  • Favorite Song:  The Wheels on the Twinkle, Twinkle go Up the Water Spout (She likes to sing one line from each song then move onto the next), ABC's

  • Favorite Food(s): spaghetti but not the meat (which is odd because red meat was one of her previous favorite foods)

  • Favorite Obsession: saying a person/dog's name and following it with POOP, her voice gets so high and accented when she says POOP, hah!  Also, she loves waving at our neighbor, Emma's, house. And rocking.

  • Favorite Book: no favorite, but at bedtime she likes to say "two books".

  • Favorite Word: it's actually a favorite phase this month which is "no mama, no mama, no mama, no".  I am NOT a big fan of this. She also likes to grab books and say "read it".

  • Favorite Shows: Mickey and Elmo

  • Also this month: Emmy moved up to a new classroom at school. I think she might be learning some annoying behaviors from the older kiddos...but this too shall pass.

  • When she sees trucks she says " Dada's truckt".  Yeah, it's like the past tense of truck. As with the "no mama", her voice goes SO high when she says truckt!

  • Emmy can officially run.

  • She had her first dip in the pool for this season on June 3.  She did great remember her skills from swim lessons.  But the more we are in the pool, the less she wants to "swim" and the more she wants to play.

  • We are really working on manners.  Using please instead of whining and saying thank you without prompting.  The other day, she was up on the counter (with me right next to her) and she reached her hand into the candy jar and pulled out a Hershey kiss. Then with absolutely NO prompting, said "thank you mama".  It's as though she knew I wouldn't deny the candy if she was being sweet.  She's a smart one.

  • iPhone Friday 06/03/2011

    It's a little late. Oh well.

    Memorial day weekend we installed some wood floors. I am in love with them! I have a whole post planned with before and afters- let's see if I can make that happen.

    You know, you gotta put on your rainboots after you get in the pool. It just works better that way.

    See the pencil? Daddy had his pencil behind is ear during the wood floor weekend, so Emmy needed hers too!

    Miss independent is showing papa how it's really done.

    Enjoying candy from the Piñata at a graduation party! She thought she was pretty special sitting up on the ledge.

    I was hoping to include a picture of our veggie garden this past week. It is OUT. OF. CONTROL!!!! I think the cucumbers grow about 3-4 inches per night. It's amazing.

    Happy Monday to all. Hope this is a great week for you.

    Sunday, June 5, 2011

    Hello there, Old School

    Well, hello there old school picture (circa 2006).
    This picture was taken in Reno, NV where Chris was presenting at a conference about bridge deck performance and concrete cracking...good times!

    We flew to Vegas first stayed a few nights, then drove to Reno on the scenic route which took us by many Joshua trees and through lots of open range area!  Really, cows just on the side of the road who looked at you like you were a weirdo if you "moo'd" at them.

    Chris and I took so many fun trips the first year we were together....and honestly we haven't taken a ton of trips to new places since then.  BUT...that does not mean that the fun ceases.  Whether we are watching Toy Story 3 for the fiftieth time, putting together a swing set, moving 2 tons of gravel, working in the yard or just hanging out- I have so much fun with this husband of mine.  He IS the best.

    I don't write about him a ton on here, but I just thought you ought to know what a great husband he is.  I suppose I need to do a post about why he's the best daddy too.

    Thursday, June 2, 2011

    I have Blogger's Block

    You in “writer’s block”…but I’m not a writer, just an occasional blogger.


    Aside from iPhone Friday posts, I’m having a hard time writing right now.  Why?  Because the only thing on my mind right now is people who are struggling to get pregnant, people who are pregnant and complaining about their symptoms, and ME- who is not pregnant.


    I know there are worse things in life.  I could have been a Joplin resident who lost all Earthly possessions, my four legged friends or even a family member.  I could be the Piedmont mama who lost two of her babies.  I could lose my job tomorrow (not that I’m in any threat…I’m just saying).  But right now, all that my mind can think about is a baby! 


    June marks the month that Baby Sanders should have been due.  Then the miscarriage happened.  Then we got excited with another positive in April.  Then a very early miscarriage.  (Don’t feel bad if you didn’t know about miscarriage #2, not too many people do).


    So does that explain why I can’t write about much right now? Probably not.


    Hoping to get out of this funk soon.  Until then- I hope you keep enjoying the iPhone Friday posts.