Thursday, June 16, 2011

iPhone Friday 06/17/2011

Happy Friday friends. Don't forget that Sunday is Fathers day. So tell your dad, your husband if he is a dad, or a role model in your life that they have/ or are currently impacting your life in a positive way. I'll try to remember to tell Chris- but he will be up in Omaha at the College World Series so he might be too busy enjoying himself to even remember ;)

On to iPhone pix...

Is this what I do????

Playing with great grandma pat.

True. Fried. Eggs (we do this approximately once every 5 years)

After Emmy spilled some water, chris went to the kitchen to get a towel. As soon as he came back in the room she swiped the towel out of his hands and repeated no less than 10 times- "I'll do it"

Driving daddy's old truck one last time-we will finish the sale on Monday. Wahoo

Sunscreen rash :(. My natural sunscreen stick has been ordered.


  1. Bummer on the suncreen rash! I get my sunscreen at Whole Foods and they have lots of natural sunscreens. Might be more convenient than ordering online next time. (-:


  2. Paige and I both got a rsh this morning from her Neutrogena baby free sunscreen! Her face looked just like emmy's and my wrists had tiny red bumps all over them on the inside...creepy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. Never Regret! Always look at the sun rise with a smile of excitement and the sunset with a smile of contentment. Good luck.


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