Thursday, April 29, 2010

Fight Story Conclusion

So, I meant to make a point about arguments in the last post- but I forgot.  Probably because it was past 10pm, I was awake, and just not at my prime for writing :).

I think I eluded to the fact that Chris and I have a lot of little fights.  Over, silly meaningless things.  75% of the time (or more) it's something that doesn't even deserve to be fought over.  I wish I could stop myself from arguing over the meaningless, but sometimes it's just hard.

We are very lucky though, because we never seem to fight over the bigger things in life.  So far (yes, I know she's only 8 months old) we have not fought over how we want to raise Emmy.  We did not argue about money. We do not argue about work and careers.  We just don't seem to argue over the major things in life. 

I think most small fights result from being in a bad mood, a long day at work, pushing buttons, etc etc.  Major arguments, over major things, seem to be more from a lack of communication. 

What do you think?
Are you as bad about quarreling over meaningless things as I am?
If you somehow avoid the small and the large arguments, how do you do it?

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Our First Fight

Chris and I have had some silly arguments, some serious arguments, and some arguments that just don't make sense when you look back and evaluate.  I suppose some would consider us to fight a lot; and to others we probably don't fight that much.  We tend to argue over small, non-trivial issues. 

Take for example a "tiff" we had in the grocery store about buying gravy mix or making your own gravy.  I prefer to make my own gravy but Chris really wanted me to just buy the mix.  I was in school at the time, and working full time, and he was trying to make my life simpler.  I, however, was trying to be the frugal one (keep in mind here folks, that gravy mix costs what...$2 at most?). What he didn't realize that the time is that cooking is my little "me" time.  Yes, sometimes I'd just rather go out to eat or order take out.  But there is something therapeutic about cooking and knowing that you made that darn gravy yourself!  In looking back at this silly argument, I know my husband was only acting out of love for me.  He was trying to protect me from doing more than what I needed to do.  I only wish that I could have realized this while the argument was taking place- in the middle of Reasors!  I think this is the story for most of our arguments.  If you take a good honest look at the situation, one of us is usually trying to help the other person.  But I suppose pride just gets in the way thus resulting in the birth of a fight.

One fight that does not fit into this category though, is the story of our first fight. 

Our first real "fight" falls into the SILLY category (this should really be the default category for most fights).  It was about something that girls have, girls use, and I guess boys don't discuss:  SPORTS BRAS.  Yes, you heard me right, a sports bra- the girl equivalent of a cup for baseball or pads for football.  You just can't perform well without it! 

So we were at his parents house getting ready to go for a run.  He is in a bedroom changing and I am in the bathroom.  Midway through changing, I realized that I forgot "it".  So I go tap on the door and tell him about forgetting "it".  This is where Chris' blood starts to boil.  I am still unsure if he was uncomfortable or embarrassed, or some other indescribable emotion- but he was not pleased with me.  You see, his little brother and dad were in the living room just a few feet away.  So on our walk and afterwards we discuss me using the words "sports bra".  He tells me, "it's just not something we talk about in our house!" to which I reply "Of course you don't!  You, your brothers and your dad have probably suppressed your mom from talking about anything girly!"

Eventually, I guess he just got over it and the mention of "it".

And that is the story of our first fight.  Silly, isn't it?

(picture from our dating days. We started dating in December, this picture was taken in May, and we were married in October.  So I'm going to say this picture was probably taken close to the time of "THE.FIRST.FIGHT".)

Saturday, April 24, 2010

She's Growing Up Too Fast...sniff

My little newborn who liked to sleep.
At 1 month old, only if hungry would you make a peep.
At 2 months old, you had started school.
You can't see it here, but at 3 months you're starting to drool.
4 months along, and loving the hats.
5 months old in the sink for a bath.
1/2 a year old and sitting so tall
7 months old and ruling it all

243 days old, you can now eat some beef
Because you're a big girl and got 2 new teeth.

Even on the days that you barely nap,
when you smile at me I turn into a sap,
even at 3am when the monitor lights up with your cries,
just one cuddle from you and my frustration subsides,

even through many doctor appointments just to find you are not sick,
even through you looking away when I try to get "that pic",
even through the tears that fall when you don't get your way,
even through the four poopy diapers a day,
even through the fights just to go to sleep,
even through the car rides home when all you do is weep,

I can't help but love you more and more each day
My prayer is that you feel it in every single way.

Monday, April 19, 2010

Things that are harder post partum...

  1. jumping
  2. sleeping past 6am
  3. keeping hair in my scalp
  4. feeling energized to take the dogs for an evening walk
  5. keeping the den picked up
  6. finding clothes that actually fit
  7. and lastly, my abs.......right ;)

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

my birthday

Just want to publicly say THANK YOU to my wonderful husband for such a fun birthday (complete with not having to wash ONE bottle...yay!)

and, the blog is under construction right now- should explain the hodge podge

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

8 Months Old...That's 2/3 of a Year

I can't believe Emmy is 8 months old! She is so busy nowadays.
A recap of the past month:
  • You can turn circles on your tummy and your arms are getting really strong. You have started moving your legs, but no real crawling yet. That's ok though, things are still safe around the house!
  • You love the jumperoo at school. When you jump you kick your legs out, then you bring your toes back together to land. It's so cute!
  • You give the best kisses and hugs. When you give kisses, you open your mouth wide and grab onto the sides of faces and dive in.
  • You take a bottle when you wake, cereal around 830, bottle around 945, lunch around 1130, bottle again around 1230, dinner at 530 and nurse for bedtime (645-715)
  • I will say, hesitantly, that you are sleeping through the night. The past week you have been coughing and waking yourself up.
  • You have 2 new teeth! The lower right just came through on the 4th and your lower left broke through today, the 6th. This is another reason why you aren't sleeping through the night. I'm hoping that once the cough gets better and the teeth completely emerge, you will sleep soundly once again.
  • You turn to the sound of your name.
  • You love food, any kinda any flavor. You have the chewing motion down really well, so we give you alot of new food to try.
  • You can pull yourself up when we are holding your hands, but you haven't really extended that to pulling up on furniture.
  • You anticipate things when we play. It's funny b/c you will start laughing before I even start tickling you. (Collarbone and thighs are the most ticklish areas)
  • Your favorite word right now is "ba"...I need to get video of this and post it.
  • Your hair is getting so much thicker! But it still looks like you have a receding hairline.
  • You are wearing a size 4 diaper.
  • When you are excited about things, you make a sound that resembles a steam boat? Not real sure how to describe, I need to get this on video also.
  • You finally learned how to roll from your back to your tummy on Mar 29. Although we are excited for this milestone, we are realizing that it now takes longer to change a diaper.
  • We spent your first Easter up at my parents in KS (aka Turkey Foot Lodge). We bought a matching outfit for you and Grace.
  • You are happy 99.9% of the time and you love people. There are no signs of stranger anxiety at this point. You make everyone smile and you have the most addicting giggle.
  • We love you more and more everyday. You have enriched our lives beyond anything we could have expected. I hope you always stay as sweet as you are right now. I pray that we are/will be the parents that you need us to be so that you may grow into a wonderful Christian woman.