Tuesday, May 11, 2010

9 Months old....My little smiley

My little smiley girl turned 9 months old last week.  Really.....we're 75% of the way to her first birthday party! Where has time gone.  I know I say that every month, but it's true- time has flown by.

Here's what the little girl is doing nowadays:
  • You push up onto all fours and can scoot backwards and in circles.  You are SOO close to crawling which means we will need to baby proof the house!
  • Your bedtime is around 645.
  • You are finding out that you have a choice in things in will cry if we take toys away from you.
  • Tears also come a' flowin when we put you in the carseat!!!  It usually goes away pretty quickly, but there are many evenings when you cry alllll the way home from school.
  • Flyers in the mail must taste yummy, you LOVE chewing on them.
  • Speaking of teeth, still just 2 bottom teeth.  Although, every morning I stick my finger in there to see if maybe some top teeth have erupted.
  • When you get excited, you wave both arms up and down and breath very quickly.
  • You absolutely hate taking naps at school...I think our evenings would be a little more enjoyable if the school naps were better.
  • Your hair is getting so thick and you have little curls by your ears....that's definitely from your daddy.
  • You love stuffed animals and balls.  You give your teddy bear kisses and talk to him.
  • You moved up into a new class at school, you're with the crawlers and walkers now...time to step it up!
  • The other weekend you said "papa"...but haven't said it much since then.  You are also saying "aaah" and "baa-baa".
  • When you are mad you make alot more sounds (some gah, mah, lah, and wuhguh's)
  • You can go from sitting to all 4's, but not vice versa. 
  • The dr's rundown the past month included pneumonia and a double ear/eye infection.  You did ok with the Augmentin but the Omnicef that you were given for your ear infection made you vomit :(
Some pictures from our trip to the Osage Hills State Park: