Saturday, August 28, 2010

Closet Help

So...Chris works for this company.  They have been kind enough to let him work during the nights this weekend.  Yay!.....NOT.

First, I hate that it messes up his sleep/work cycle.  Second, I hate that he's out patrolling construction projects at night, not really the safest job.  Third, I'm sooooo glad he's being compensated for his extra time (did you catch any of the sarcasm?).  Fourth, ....OK, so you get the point?

With all those complaints being aired, I do have to say- I consider us to be very blessed that we both have jobs that pay well and that we work for companies who seem to be in it for the long haul.  I just feel a little sorry for myself because I'm home alone, and I wanted some sympathy.

The good news, the very good news, is that I finally put all the clean laundry away.  As I was hanging things up in the closet I though to myself "maybe if I post pictures of my rockin' 1960's closet, I can get some closet organization tips".  In our master room and in the 2nd largest bedroom, we do not have walk in closets.  What we have are two beautiful closets in each room, that used to have doors on sliding tracks.  I found myself so often standing on one side of the closet, but needing something from the other side.  Then, inevitably, once I made my way to the other side of the closet- I would need something from the first side.  Ugh.  My wonderful, handyman husband went to work after my nagging suggestion to put the doors on hinges.  They rock.  Oh, I forgot where I was going with this!  Of the closets that only a 4 year old would consider BIG.

So here goes, I'm going where very few women have gone before. 


 My Closet
The Shared Closet
The Baby Hangers

Last year, Chris decided to move some of his things into my our 2nd closet in the master bedroom.  I had to do a little rearranging, but I understand that going to another bedroom every morning to get your clothes could get a little old. 

For the most part, I think our closets are OK...but do you all have any items you'd suggest for a more organized closet?  Here's what I've come up with so far:  I put my clothes in color order for the most part.  In the "my closet" picture I have my Collegiate shirts, cardigans, gray, brown, orange, yellow, green, blue ,purple shirts and dresses.  In the Rubbermaid container I keep seasonal socks, swimsuits, leggings and non athletic tanks.  I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE the shoe rack on top (except for the fact that I can't reach the top row, hah!)

In our shared closet I keep my pants, skirts and red/white/and black tops.  The tubs on the shelf have flip flops (which I probably haven't worn in 3 years, old purses and random winter clothes).  If you look at the bottom picture, I'm proudly displaying my baby hangers.  They work great for pants so they don't hang as low.  They are a few inches shorter than adult hangers and not near as wide, so pants work great.

We have no drawers/shelving that you'd find in a walk in closet so we each have a chest of drawers in the bedroom.  But even with that furniture, I still find myself putting my shorts out in the hallway linen closet and my pajamas and sweaters in boxes under the bed.  I just need help organizing...any ideas?  Or anyone that wants to come over and help?

Friday, August 27, 2010

Girly things...boy's divert your eyes

OK, so if you are a boy and are reading (I'm probably only talking to my husband here and he's heard all my thoughts anyway)...however, if you are a boy- you'll probably just want to go google the standings in the AL and NL and tell me what's the average # of games the last place team falls behind the first.

Onto the real post- I have given myself a pat on the back already, but I felt like bragging.  Is that OK?  I'm really not a bragging type of girl, BUT- I can FINALLY put my Medela Freestyle away!  Well, I'm not going to put it away JUST yet.  I've heard you can have these random relapses days after - but it's been 3 days without using it and I think I'm in the clear.

In the last 3 days, I have freely eaten and sipped on anything that I want....and WOW it has been awesome. 

When I was pregnant with Emmy it was inevitable that people would ask if I planned on bf her.  My answer was, "we will see how it goes.  I will give it an honest try and if it works, then great!  If it doesn't, she'll be fine".  I know there's a new trend going on where adoptive mothers take medicine to make themselves lactate, but I think that's something new since 1982.  I was a formula baby and I think I turned out just fine.  Oh, yeah, a few idiosyncrasies here and there and alot more pet peeves than most- but...I still think I'm ok.  But I digress.  Back to the point...I wasn't dead set on bf; yet here we are more than 12 months later and I DID IT! 

It wasn't always easy and it wasn't always convenient.  When Emmy was born she had a tight and short frenulum which resulted in her tongue not being able to go out past her bottom lip.  Not a big deal, right?  WRONG....when it's all about good latch, good latch, good latch- this makes it very hard.  Finally, when she was 6 weeks old, a doctor recommended we have it clipped.  That made a world of difference.

Then there's the nighttime feedings.  I understand that part of being a parent is having those midnight wake up calls, but when you are are it!  My husband was SO helpful during our awake hours, but really- what help could he be in the middle of the night? 

There were a few other inconveniences here and there (such as pumping on a plane on vacation b/c Emmy was not with me), not wanting to nurse while teething, and adversely not wanting to take bottles other times.  But now that we are done with all that, those are just minor memories. 

I know all "the people" say that bf is really supposed to help in illnesses....but after multiple ear infections, RSV, pneumonia and too many bouts of puking and diarrhea- I'm not completely sold on that "fact".  But, maybe "they" are right, who knows- I guess it may have been worse.  I don't know about the health factor, but I do know that I saved some serious $$$.  And nothing feels better than being thrifty.

This coming week, I will use up the last bag of frozen milk.  We are slowly weaning Emmy to whole milk and then we need to get rid of the bottle.  She puked today at school- I'm not sure if it's because of the transition or because of a stomach bug going around.  Either way, I guess we are still not out of the clear of her being a puky child.  I wonder if she'll always be susceptible to "Pukey McPuke Face" type of illnesses.  (that's the endearing term I use for her when she has tummy issues...aren't I just the sweetest mom ever?)

I just heard a strange noise from her monitor, going to check on her to make sure she didn't barf.

Oh, for your viewing pleasure- Emmy took a 3 hr afternoon nap and was feeling much better this evening.  I caught this cute shot of her.

Monday, August 23, 2010

I only wish I understood

...why we, as a nation, have developed such a sense of entitlement.  Everyone thinks they deserve everything...too many are depending on the government to fix their financial lives...
...why so many parents give everything to their children without things having actually been "earned"
...if any of the tax changes under the Obama administration will affect me this year (this one I could actually understand if I researched)
...who invented participation ribbons.  I never got ribbons just for participating and I think my self esteem is just fine.  In fact, it helped me understand  at which things I excelled, and which things needed more attention.  I just wonder, are we doing a disservice to our kids by always making them the winner?
...why it's so easy for teenagers to get pregnant in the back seat of a corolla, but why a married couples whose only desire is to start a family must go through treatment and heartache when they aren't really guaranteed a success
...what was going through Emmy's mind.  Each day, I think I start to understand her more (well, as much as I can since she doesn't really talk and doesn't really care to sign)
...why babies have to suffer awful medical conditions.  They have no understanding, it just doesn't seem fair that they have to endure a tough fight when all they should really be doing is eat/sleep/poop/play and repeat.  Maybe its b/c they ha vent learned the art of griping and pitying oneself.

There are a lot of other things in life that I don't quite understand, but I think that maybe I wont understand these things until I'm sitting with the Father.  He has designed some things to be mysteries and others to be solved.  Some things appear to be practical, and others not. 

I dont't think and dwell on these things often but they do cross my mind.  What about you...are there any recurrent questions that you have?

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Baby Fever

The weirdest thing has been happening lately, I've had moments of baby fever!  Is this something that naturally happens when your baby turns 1?  Even though she's not talking/walking/toddling alot- she just doesn't feel like a baby-baby anymore.

Now, how real is this baby fever?  Well, I'd say it's coming in at 99.1*.

For you mamas of multiples out there or for kids from families of far apart are they/you?

My sister is the oldest.  There is 21 months between her and my brother.  Then there is 27 months between my two brothers.  Then 5 years between me and my brother.

It seems like alot of people aim for the 2 years apart thing.  I wonder how that works?  Are two year olds independent enough to leave you a little time with a newborn?  Are they old enough to help take care of the newborn?  How about younger than 2 years apart...and how did 2 become the magic number?

Let me know your thoughts

Saturday, August 14, 2010

The Real "1 Year Old" Post

It feels like I've just now had time to breathe after Emmy's party- this may be the shortest, most non-informative post b/c I have been REALLY bad about writing things down the past month.  So, here goes nuttin-

  • You are walking along the furniture, still using your music/push toy, and you also turn EVERYTHING into a push toy that can be (your music table, empy boxes, the abacus, etc)
  • You are a pro at climbing stairs.
  • Just lately, you've allowed us to help you walk.  You really prefer your push toys.
  • You have 3 new teeth! Left Lateral Incisor on July 12.  Right Central Incisor July 28 and Left Central Incisor Aug 2.  So what does this mean?  Your front left tooth is shorter than the other two, kinda looks like snaggle teeth!  But I love them.
  • You wear a size 5 diaper, 18-24 month clothing, and a size 3 shoe (you hate shoes though and can get them off faster than a Ferrari can do 0 to 60)
  • Dr Evil's not the only one with a "mini-mi" are really starting to mimic us:  brushing teeth, putting on shoes, trying to put any article of clothing on your head.
  • I thought it was really cute at first when you mimicked "shhhhhh"...but now you just use it as an excuse to pick your nose.
  • We helped celebrate Braden Roberts' 4th Birthday, this was your first non family birthday party!
  • Your fave word: papa.  But you really accent the second syllable.  Other words: baby, mah (at the table, means "more"), tha??????, mama, dada, puh-peeeeeeeee...and lots of other noises that I'm sure mean something in emmy-language.
  • We had an illness free month, hallelujah.
  • and in RE to previous statement, this also means that you are back to sleeping through the night (most nights)
  • You sleep in some crazy positions.
  • Cheez-Its...need I say more?
  • During the last week of July, we took a trip to Granby, Co.  We left Friday and drove out to Limon, Co.  You did....OK.  We turned your carseat to forward facing for the trip, and I think it took you awhile to adjust to the new view. 
  • You are a big ol' bully!  You tried to beat up on your baby cousins and you loved to pull the ruffles on their clothes.  (to your credit, once you finally tackled them, all you really wanted was to give them kisses and hugs).
  • You are still a lover, not a fighter.  In fact, when your daddy came home from work the other day you put your arms out and pulled him in by his collar to give him a big bear hug.
  • You are becoming much more comfortable in the pool and will kick momentarily while lying on your back.  You love to blow bubbles and we are almost to the point where we don't have to blow on your face before we dunk you in the water.
  • Almost instantaneously, when I pick you up off the ground, you start throwing kisses.  Sometimes you get wild and crazy and throw kisses originating from your ears!
  • Ready for the locker room, you are great at giving High Fives.
  • On a few of the birthday collage pictures, we captured a few of your "crinkle nose" poses.  You crinkle your nose, breathe in and out rapidly, and tilt your head to the's so cute, and you know it!
  • You are such a joy and I hope you have enjoyed your first year.  You are still very laid back and you are wonderful at entertaining yoruself.  When we are out in public, you still stare people down until they look at you- it's too cute and always makes everyone laugh.  You received alot of books for your birthday and I hope you start to enjoy reading as you get older. 
  • Your daddy and I pray all the time to be the parents and role models that you need to become the best woman you can be.  You are loved by so many and you have enriched our lives beyond belief....
  • oh ,and you are famous- your picture was on the morning news for your birthday...I'll try to get a recorded clip.
Just for old timesake, this is what you were up to a year little baby.

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Happy Birthday Emmy Christine

Wow, I am still WAY too tired to write an actual 12 month old post.  So sorry to anyone who is waiting on that.  It took all my might just to make these 2 collages.  But I do hope that you enjoy, I will probably post these as separate images on FB so that I can write explanations.

Friday, August 6, 2010

July Pictures

I'll be writing Emmy's 1 year old post soon, but I have lots of family in town, lot's of preparing to do and I'm not in the writing mood yet.  But I'll leave you with some pictures of our Colorado vacation until next time

Letter From Daddy

Dear Emmy,


Happy Birthday to my little girl!  Your first year has both flown by and moved slow.  I enjoy it when your growing up moves slowly.  It does seem like a long time since you were born, I think it is because you have learned, grown, and done so much since a year ago.  I became a very proud daddy right when you arrived and was very excited to let everyone know about you & see you.  You were so little then and your mommy and I miss holding you in our arms.  You sure do like to be on the move these days.


Every day that goes by, you amaze your mommy and me.  We have been so excited for all the “firsts” you have done.  Now, you are talking, crawling, pointing, hi-fiving, walking (with help), and so many other things it would take up this entire page.  After you start walking by yourself, I can’t wait to see what all you will do next. 


Everyone that knows you and that you meet are drawn to you.  You have such a wonderful, easy going personality and it is easily seen.  We definitely know what you like – such as playing in the water, your puppies (and anything soft and fuzzy), and music that makes you dance.  We can also definitely tell when you don’t like certain things, which is not much and that definitely makes it easy on your mommy and daddy.


Your mommy loves you so much.  God made her to be your mommy and I can tell that in everything she does for you – I don’t know how to explain her love for you any other way.  I can’t wait to see the relationship between you two develop.  I have so much to learn about having a little girl, especially since I don’t have a sister.    I pray that you know how much I love you.  The best way I can show you is in my actions and I try to do that every day.  I am so blessed that I get to be your daddy and I know all of your family feels that same blessing.





Thursday, August 5, 2010

Letter to Emmy

Dear Emmy,

To say that the past year has flown by would be a complete understatement.  Yet here we are, one year later.  I hope you have enjoyed your first year, we certainly have enjoyed spending it with you.  In trying to remember what we did before you entered this earth, I completely draw a blank.  I guess your daddy and I just sat around and stared at each other? 


The day you were born was so amazing.  You came into this world pretty calm, a little bit of crying-but no excessive screaming.  You had a fair amount of hair and your toes definitely came from your daddy.  For one full day, you looked like me.  After that, you looked to be a spitting image of your father.  When we would show newborn pictures of the two of you to people, they would agree.  You still look a lot like your daddy did at that age, but SOMETIMES I see little bits and pieces of myself. 


We have enjoyed watching your personality develop.  You are a very observant little girl, and you like to take visual inventory of your surroundings.  You just want to be on the go and I know you are ready for the day when you can walk without your walking toy.  Recently you discovered pointing, so we have been having a fun time telling you the name of whatever it is to which you might be pointing.  You like to play with phones and remotes and you do NOT like it when we take them away.  You have become more adventurous in your crawling and you like to go to the bathtub- if we had a stool there, you’d probably climb right in.  You love bath time and enjoy being in the pool.  We are working on your back float right now, but it kind of makes you nervous. You are 99% easy going, but in that 1%- we can see that you are also head-strong.  But that’s ok, we want you to be a strong individual.


When your daddy and I got married, we referred to ourselves as “team Sanders”.  We knew that alone we could do so little, but together we could tackle and conquer anything!  How apparent that has become now that you are with us.  You have a very loving, empathetic, involved and eager daddy.  You are a lucky girl.


Emmy, I don’t know how to describe the love I have for you.  It’s completely different than a mommy-daddy, sibling, Frank & Sally, college basketball, ice cream kinda love.  I just pray that even now, though you can’t verbally express it, that you feel that love. 

You have been such a blessing to me and I can’t wait to see what the future holds for you.  I can already tell that you are going to be loving, social, caring, inquisitive, laid back and maybe a little feisty (hey, a little bit of that is a good thing if you ask me).  Just know that you have my love both now and forever.