Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Baby Fever

The weirdest thing has been happening lately, I've had moments of baby fever!  Is this something that naturally happens when your baby turns 1?  Even though she's not talking/walking/toddling alot- she just doesn't feel like a baby-baby anymore.

Now, how real is this baby fever?  Well, I'd say it's coming in at 99.1*.

For you mamas of multiples out there or for kids from families of far apart are they/you?

My sister is the oldest.  There is 21 months between her and my brother.  Then there is 27 months between my two brothers.  Then 5 years between me and my brother.

It seems like alot of people aim for the 2 years apart thing.  I wonder how that works?  Are two year olds independent enough to leave you a little time with a newborn?  Are they old enough to help take care of the newborn?  How about younger than 2 years apart...and how did 2 become the magic number?

Let me know your thoughts


  1. I feel ya, sista! Mine just turned 6 months and I have baby fever bad already! My sis and I are 21 months apart and we love being close in age. If I have my way about things (not likely), I'd have mine less than 2 years apart. Crazy? Maybe.

  2. My girls are 23 months apart. I was wanting to space them out a tad longer than that....but...OOPS! Happened a littler quicker than we thought! Anyways, I think 2 years apart has pros and cons. Ava was still in diapers when Harper was WOW that was a lot of diapers! Ava helps a lot with Harper now....she plays with her on the floor, brings her toys, sings to her and keeps her occupied in the car, can hold her bottle for her, etc. They both nap at the same time every day, which is AWESOME. And I can't help but get excited for the future and think of how close they will be!

  3. My boys are also 23 months apart and I have to admit that it's pretty tough. Granted Cale is only 4 weeeks old so we are still in the needy infant stage. The independence isn't the issue for us, it's the discipline issues. They seemed to come tenfold as soon as Cale was born although people are telling me it's mainly an issue of his age, not the baby! It's hard to stay consistent in discipline when you are sleep deprived. On the positive side, if you aren't a fan of pregnancy then it's nice to rip it off like a band-aid and get it over with!

  4. I totally agree with Shelby's pro and con list and am excited for them to be close playmates as they grow up!

  5. Well, Punkin's almost 4 and I haven't had "baby fever" yet! If he ever gets a sibling, there will be 5 years (or more) between them! I'm sure many will say that's TOO long!


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