Monday, August 23, 2010

I only wish I understood

...why we, as a nation, have developed such a sense of entitlement.  Everyone thinks they deserve everything...too many are depending on the government to fix their financial lives...
...why so many parents give everything to their children without things having actually been "earned"
...if any of the tax changes under the Obama administration will affect me this year (this one I could actually understand if I researched)
...who invented participation ribbons.  I never got ribbons just for participating and I think my self esteem is just fine.  In fact, it helped me understand  at which things I excelled, and which things needed more attention.  I just wonder, are we doing a disservice to our kids by always making them the winner?
...why it's so easy for teenagers to get pregnant in the back seat of a corolla, but why a married couples whose only desire is to start a family must go through treatment and heartache when they aren't really guaranteed a success
...what was going through Emmy's mind.  Each day, I think I start to understand her more (well, as much as I can since she doesn't really talk and doesn't really care to sign)
...why babies have to suffer awful medical conditions.  They have no understanding, it just doesn't seem fair that they have to endure a tough fight when all they should really be doing is eat/sleep/poop/play and repeat.  Maybe its b/c they ha vent learned the art of griping and pitying oneself.

There are a lot of other things in life that I don't quite understand, but I think that maybe I wont understand these things until I'm sitting with the Father.  He has designed some things to be mysteries and others to be solved.  Some things appear to be practical, and others not. 

I dont't think and dwell on these things often but they do cross my mind.  What about you...are there any recurrent questions that you have?

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  1. Oh girl, I totally wonder a lot of those same things. A lot of parenting things baffle me actually -- especially since I am much more "old school" about a lot of things that other parents let slide. It kills me especially about the entitlement issue. I could go on and on about picking a school for Henry and how it drove me CRAZY not wanting to fall into the trap of competing with other parents in trying to get transfers into other schools, etc. I could also go on and on about some adoption stuff, but I won't. And the "comparison" trap that our generation seems to be wallowing in drives me nuts as well. But I'll just continue working on my own self on being more patient, not worrying about what anyone else thinks, and just trying to do what is right for me and my family and figuring out how God wants us to react to the rest of society. And be thankful that God is willing to continue working on me, full of my own imperfections...;)


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