Friday, August 6, 2010

Letter From Daddy

Dear Emmy,


Happy Birthday to my little girl!  Your first year has both flown by and moved slow.  I enjoy it when your growing up moves slowly.  It does seem like a long time since you were born, I think it is because you have learned, grown, and done so much since a year ago.  I became a very proud daddy right when you arrived and was very excited to let everyone know about you & see you.  You were so little then and your mommy and I miss holding you in our arms.  You sure do like to be on the move these days.


Every day that goes by, you amaze your mommy and me.  We have been so excited for all the “firsts” you have done.  Now, you are talking, crawling, pointing, hi-fiving, walking (with help), and so many other things it would take up this entire page.  After you start walking by yourself, I can’t wait to see what all you will do next. 


Everyone that knows you and that you meet are drawn to you.  You have such a wonderful, easy going personality and it is easily seen.  We definitely know what you like – such as playing in the water, your puppies (and anything soft and fuzzy), and music that makes you dance.  We can also definitely tell when you don’t like certain things, which is not much and that definitely makes it easy on your mommy and daddy.


Your mommy loves you so much.  God made her to be your mommy and I can tell that in everything she does for you – I don’t know how to explain her love for you any other way.  I can’t wait to see the relationship between you two develop.  I have so much to learn about having a little girl, especially since I don’t have a sister.    I pray that you know how much I love you.  The best way I can show you is in my actions and I try to do that every day.  I am so blessed that I get to be your daddy and I know all of your family feels that same blessing.





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