Friday, February 6, 2015

Evelyn {7 months}

Eat: Every day is a bit different at school, but we nurse in the morning and then she takes around 15-20 ounces at school.  We she has also tasted some apples, broccoli, saltine crackers and a few baby food squeezies (we are mainly doing baby led weaning)
Sleep: Hmm, again- you never know with this girl.  She's almost always asleep by 630pm and wakes by 630-645. Since Evelyn's naps at school aren't so great, we try to get her to bed early, sometimes as even early as 545.
Naps: Most days she has about two or three 30-45 minute naps. At home she will take ~1hr morning nap, ~1.5 hour afternoon nap and a 30 min catpnap around 4.
Shoes: Haven't even tried.
Clothes: Pretty much 9 Months or larger
Diapers: Size 4
Trips: We went up to TFL to see my family in early January.  We went in the truck and it was AWFUL.  Nora would scream just to keep everyone awake, Evelyn had a terrible meltdown b/c she just wanted to sleep.  We vowed that until Nora gets better in the car, we are taking 2 cars.
Likes: baths, trying to get up on all fours, rolling over whenever she's supposed to be on her back, her teachers at b'nai, looking at her sisters, licking boogers, still LVOES the doorway jumper
Dislikes: long sleeps at school, sleeping through the night for more than 2 nights in a row, getting in her carseat (but then she's fine as soon as you hand her a toy), Nora yelling in her face
Milestones: Can sit alone, cut lower left central incisor on her 7 month birthday (the other one is really close), can get up on all fours, is starting to push herself backwards on tummy time.
Health: Reflux is being managed well and we are still going to OMT appointments.  Ear infection recently that we decided to treat since she had been coughing/wheezing/stuffy nose for over 2 weeks.
Other: The months are going by too fast, the sisters are still getting used to us being a family of 5 and they are still adjusting to sharing a room (more on that later).  Nora cries most days at drop off and Emmy is backtalking quite a bit.  Chris still enjoys work and I just survived layoffs at work (lost 20% of our workforce).  Life is busy but we are so blessed.