Monday, June 6, 2011

2 months till 2

So I'm getting just slightly stressed that I have no idea what we will do for Emmy's 2nd birthday.  Any ideas?

I am just having too much fun watching her grow to plan a party.  I mean, who wouldn't want to hear "NO" coming from the backseat 50 times on a 12 minute trip in the car?  I kid, I kid.  Emmy is growing so fast and her personality is shining through more and more every day....this stage, as every stage has been, is fun but not without its struggles.

Here are highlights from the past month:

  • Favorite Song:  The Wheels on the Twinkle, Twinkle go Up the Water Spout (She likes to sing one line from each song then move onto the next), ABC's

  • Favorite Food(s): spaghetti but not the meat (which is odd because red meat was one of her previous favorite foods)

  • Favorite Obsession: saying a person/dog's name and following it with POOP, her voice gets so high and accented when she says POOP, hah!  Also, she loves waving at our neighbor, Emma's, house. And rocking.

  • Favorite Book: no favorite, but at bedtime she likes to say "two books".

  • Favorite Word: it's actually a favorite phase this month which is "no mama, no mama, no mama, no".  I am NOT a big fan of this. She also likes to grab books and say "read it".

  • Favorite Shows: Mickey and Elmo

  • Also this month: Emmy moved up to a new classroom at school. I think she might be learning some annoying behaviors from the older kiddos...but this too shall pass.

  • When she sees trucks she says " Dada's truckt".  Yeah, it's like the past tense of truck. As with the "no mama", her voice goes SO high when she says truckt!

  • Emmy can officially run.

  • She had her first dip in the pool for this season on June 3.  She did great remember her skills from swim lessons.  But the more we are in the pool, the less she wants to "swim" and the more she wants to play.

  • We are really working on manners.  Using please instead of whining and saying thank you without prompting.  The other day, she was up on the counter (with me right next to her) and she reached her hand into the candy jar and pulled out a Hershey kiss. Then with absolutely NO prompting, said "thank you mama".  It's as though she knew I wouldn't deny the candy if she was being sweet.  She's a smart one.

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