Thursday, July 8, 2010

Independence Day

A few days late, but I've noticed that since I've been a mommy- everything is late.  I am sending birthday cards weeks late, wedding presents months late....agh!  But one thing that's not late is when I pick Emmy up from school...I get way too anxious to see her.  But I digress.  This post is about our celebration of Independence Day (which, I urge you to say "Have a wonderful Independence Day" next year instead of "Have a Happy 4th").

Every year, we take a picture in front of the cannas at Chris' parents house.  The picture of ALL of us did not turn out well on my you'll just have to settle of pictures of cute little kids.

Emmy and Jackson on the rock in front of the cannas.

Jackson running around.

First family pic in front of the cannas (a little thin this year, should be more voluminous next year)

Landon making "the face"

Reading the directions on the "Off" box.

It's 7pm, can you tell who is ready for bed?

Miss Anna Sophia enjoying the swings. 

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  1. i cannot believe our lil butter beans are almost one! gosh time flies!! I love the fourth pictures! The family one is beautiful! I hope you frame it!


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