Tuesday, July 6, 2010

11 months old...slow down time!

Dear Time,

Please, please- I beg you, please slow down!  My baby is just that....my baby!  But here in 30 some odd days she is going to turn 1.  And then she won't be my baby anymore.  Will I have to start calling her a toddler????  I'll hold off on that new name until she is at least "toddling" around.

A mama who just wants time to move glacially slow for awhile.

Ok, onto the real reason for the post...updates on our 11 moth old!
  • You can pull up and go back to a sitting position.  You always stand up on your right leg first.
  • Already the inquirer, you point your finger to objects and make a noise as though you are asking a question.
  • I guess my love for fresh fruit while pregnant did get passed on to you.  Summer fruit is the best!
  • On June 25, Dr H (who also did your tongue clipping) put tubes in your ears.  You took 3 naps that day and by the next day, you were back 100% to your normal self.
  • Who needs a sit & spin?  You like to sit and rotate yourself around with your feet.
  • You love to stand and walk along the picture window in the "red" room. 
  • If we catch you with something you think you're not supposed to have, you take a death grip to that object, drop your head and crawl away in the opposite direction.
  • You still love your stuffed animals and you give them big open mouthed kisses.
  • It must be impossible to go about your day without babbling about it, it sounds as though you are narrating everything you do.  I love it!  You already have the best voice inflection.
  • I think you might have some little leg muscles from all this standing that you are doing.
  • New trick this month...blowing kisses!  You put your hand up to your mouth and will SOMETIMES "toss" your kisses out.
  • As previous video post shows, you are walking with your walker toy.
  • Diaper changes = Major dislike
  • When we are playing in the den, we will ask you "Where are your puppies?".  You immediately crawl to the window and start mouthing "pup-pup".
  • You love animals of all sorts, we are trying to teach you how to be "easy" and "gentle" while petting.
  • You are in a size 5 diaper, 12-24 month clothing, and size 2 or 3 shoe.
  • Recognizable words include: mama, dada, papa (my dad), puh puh (puppies), bye bye
  • Words that we recognize, but other people might not: no-no-no (in a very raspy voice), buh-buh (bubbles).  I'm sure there are more, but I only got 4 1/2 hours of sleep last night and can't remember them at this very moment.
  • You love the "sheepdog" page on your Farm touch & feel book, you give the fur kisses.
  • You also love giving us kisses.......and then you try to bite our lips! 
  • 4th of July was amazing this year, we were blessed with very mild temperatures.  We spent a few evenings in Claremore, but you went to bed before the fireworks.
  • Sweet would describe your disposition, except for certain events- such as diaper changes (as mentioned above)
  • Maybe no braces needed ever?  Your 2 bottom teeth are so straight.  It seems like you've been cutting teeth forever, but NO TOP TEETH have come through!!!
  • You still like to watch The Office and Baby Einstein videos, you'll watch a few minutes of cartoons here and there.
  • You haven't used your pacifiers in awhile, I think we'll throw them away.  You use your snuggly as your comfort object.
  • When I pick you up from school, you start waving "bye bye" to everyone as soon as you see me.
  • You are still not sleeping through the night, every night.  This all started when you had pneumonia a few months back.  But when you are asleep, your body gets into the weirdest configurations.
  • Our neighbors took us to Oologah Lake and we almost went sailing (we went out on the boat but the weather turned bad and we didn't get to sail)
  • You are: HAPPY, TALKATIVE (where could you have gotten that from?), THE FAVORITE BABY @ THE CHURCH NURSERY, OBEDIENT AND A HEART BREAKER.
OK...if you've made it this far, you deserve a picture with lots of pictures.

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