Tuesday, August 25, 2009

question for the mama's

OK mama's out there, I have a question for you. Actually, I have quite a few I could ask, but I'll stick to this one burning question.

When do the hormones level out? Or did my daughter turn me into a softie?


I just look at her sometimes and can tear up. Or I hear a song on my iPhone that was playing during "pushing" and I can't it! See- it's happening right now too! I seriously have never cried so many times in 3 weeks.

I was not that emotional/hormonal during pregnancy, so I guess the hormones are rearing their ugly head now?

But the reasons for tears. I'm totally not depressed, no post partum blues. I just look at my daughter and am reminded of God's goodness and omnipotence. I am amazed by this creature that He created.
She's beautiful. Remember this post, I had talked about how excited I was to know someone else in this world with whom I shared looks?

HAHAHAHAHA- she looks like her daddy. She definitely has my color, and her toes spread REALLY far apart (that's me too)...the rest? Chris.

And I absolutely love it.


  1. For me, the hormones coupled with the lack of sleep in the beginning made me cry all of the time. Plus the awe of having a child is alot on our already stressed emotions! It was always 7-8 months for me before the pregnancy hormones totally left my body, and I could tell because this was the time when my hair finally stopped falling out! Stay away from any movies, tv shows, or news stories involving kids or babies. You will lose it, trust me!

  2. Oh gosh, it's ridiculous. I think I started crying one time when I read/saw that it only takes seconds of shaking a baby to cause brain damage. It just did me in!

  3. I agree with Amber...having a baby brings on emotions, feelings, worries that you can't even comprehend before that...you want to love them, console them, please them, teach them, help them...but you also want to raise kids who ultimately won't need you when they're older...its tough. And they will always bring tears to your eyes...I bawled like a baby yesterday when they all dropped me off at the airport. I used to cry everytime we stepped foot in a church after Jackson was born because I was so thankful God has blessed us with his outcome. I know they are going to be fine without me, but I hate missing a minute with them. We moms just have to be strong, and know that its okay to cry. I'm glad you aren't feeling the blues. I never had a problem with that either. I know its normal if you do, but I was just always so elated to have that baby on the outside where I could hold it!

  4. I'm crying right now!!!! Does that answer your question?! IT NEVER STOPS! When people say a child will change everything ... you have no idea what that truly means until you are there. Songs, commercials, MY PATIENTS .... so many random things make me cry. I am so often reminded how my "situation" is a blessing and not a burden so maybe that's why I cry all the time, but just be prepared, Momma! Tears are a comin'!

  5. .... tears of JOY!!!!!! I still sit and look at Braden and tear up (just FYI) And I still have that weird thought, "Did I really make him!?" I can only imagine what it feels like to see a man that you love in that precious baby ... I obviously don't feel that way about Braden's co-creator, and I STILL think it's such a beautiful miracle. Ok, I'm done this time


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