Saturday, August 29, 2009

First Road Trip

Part 1 of Emmy's first road trip was a success!

We left last night right after she ate and Emmy fell asleep about 30 minutes out of Tulsa....and she slept ALL the way up to my parents!

We've had an amazing Saturday so far, I think it's cooler down in T-Town too, but we've had the house open here today. I love it.

The dogs love it too. I need to post video of it, but Frank had fun playing fetch in the creek. He's so funny when he swims, he likes to put his snout into the water? Who knows.

Sally on the other hand, not the swimmer. She stepped into the creek, but refused to get her tail or head wet. Silly dog.

That's all for now, gonna go watch the little leage world series.

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