Thursday, August 27, 2009

3 weeks old

Emmy is 3 weeks old today. I only have 5 more weeks at home.
I can't imagine going back in 3 weeks though- luckily I've banked some vacation time, so I'm taking 2 extra weeks.

Dang America is screwed up. I mean, I know healthcare needs a reform- but not a government run reform.

But, Mr President, before you try to *fix* healthcare- can we make it mandatory in the US for employers to provide actual maternity leave?

Take a look at "maternity leave" on Wikipedia. Now, I know there's alot of false information out on Wikipedia. But the info pertaining to maternity and paternity leave in other countries seems to be fairly accurate.

I'll leave it to you to take a look. I'm not peeking again. I don't want to know about some new mama on the other side of the world that's getting 6 wonderful months off to bond with her new baby.

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