Saturday, July 18, 2009

Emmy's Room

So I am A L M O S T done with Emmy's room. The only thing I have left to do is hang some things above the rocking chair....I'll show you when I'm done.

Most everything was finished, but we were waiting on the artwork. We ordered some prints by Yuko Lao called "Peek A Boo". We hung 6 pictures, but ordered a set of 12 prints. Chris and I think the other 6 prints are a little more masculine, so maybe if/when we have a little man- we can use them for him.

Here's the crib and pics above it.

Her changing table with ledge above. I need to get a wicker basket for the ledge to put the diaper rash ointment in, toys to keep emmy occupied during diaper changes, etc. This is the changing pad that I made, I don't know about you- but I like it.

Her bookcase, closet and 2 more prints. The black frame in the middle of the bookcase says "my fingers may be small, but I can still wrap daddy around them". My cousin Sara gave this to me at a family shower, I LOVE IT!
Her crib, my rocking chair, bare window and bookcase. The hanging stuff above the chair is missing- and we also need to get window treatments. We just haven't decided what to use yet. Well, I'm pretty certain we'll use blackout roman shades, we just need to shop around and find the right ones. I think I'll use some of the leftover material (from the bedding) to make a valance.
Changing table and crib.

Chris and I went to a Childbirth Education Class this morning, it was extremely beneficial and had some great information. We took a tour of L&D at the hospital and saw some little baby girls in the nursery. I think it has both of us THAT much more excited for Emmy Christine to get her. I can't wait to see what she looks like! Of course I hope she gets some great characteristics from her daddy, but can't wait to see what she'll get from me too. She's the first person that I'll know that shares looks with me- too stinking fun!

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  1. ok you made me tear up with this one! I am so proud of you ... and I must admit a tad bit jealous! I wish I could sew and I wish Braden could have a daddy like Chris! Cherish every moment - especially the first one! I know I'll never forget the way I felt the first time my eyes met Braden's! And how cool to think she will be the only little person in the wold that you know that has your looks .... that makes it even the more special. Ok I think I'm a bit hormonal so I'll spare you my ramblings for now .... God bless!


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