Friday, April 11, 2014

The return of iPhone Friday

I miss the iPhone Friday updates. Since I have been terrible at monthly updates for Nora, I would like to get into the swing of documenting our day to day before the arrival of the baby.

So this past week:I successfully celebrated my birthday without the Facebook world knowing, received some beautiful flowers, have been at my wit's end with Nora's temper tantrums and can't understand why Emmy has regressed to acting like a baby. All great things to be experiencing as we enter the last trimester of pregnancy, huh??

Buuuut, my girls do have their sweet moments. Sometimes they can be caught brushing their teeth together, discussing wardrobe options and occasionally Nora will even give Emmy big bear hugs.

I try to hold on to those sweet times, but it is so hard when they are so overwhelmingly outnumbered by the difficult times.

Monday, April 7, 2014

26 weeks {the last}

ONLY 26 weeks??? Look at that belly, booty and back fat!
Baby's size: According to Babycenter, baby should be 14" from head to heel and weigh 1.68#.
How far along: 26 weeks + 1 day
Total weight gain: I *forgot* to step on the scale this weekend.  I had a dr's appt last week, so if I remember correctly- I think I'm +20-21#.  This is very similar to my other pregnancies.
Sleep:  Not too shabby.  I don't wake much to pee b/c I am not drinking many fluids in the evenings.  Great for sleep, terrible for my health.
Maternity Clothes: I'd say I'm in 80% maternity clothes.  I can still swing non maternity shorts/pants for working out and my medium T-shirts still fit (but they are living on borrowed time)
Food cravings: None. Zero. Zip Zilch. 
Food aversions: Water, carbs, sweets, anything with too much flavor
Symptoms: Nothing abnormal.  My back is holding up pretty well except for when I accidentally end up flat on my back in the middle of the night.  My right leg is also starting to swell on days when I am up on my feet alot, but nothing externally noticeable- it just feels a little tight.
Stretchmarks: None that I can see.
Doctor’s Appointment: Had an appt on Thursday, cervix is holding up (for now) and baby's heart rate was 148bpm, which is the lowest it's been (even though I had just finished a 1/2 cup of Starbucks coffee!).  It has been up in the upper 150-lower 160's at most appointments.  Next appointment is in 1.5 weeks and I get to do the glucose tolerance test, yay!
Movement: Lots and lots of movement, and I love it.  Right now I have a bottom and feet near my right ribs and a head in my left pelvis.  Baby has been sitting diagonal for a few weeks.
Belly Button: Poking out a little on the left side, I have a feeling it's going to do a "full pop" this time around.
Best moment of the week: Nora has started saying "hi baby" to my belly and it's pretty cute, even though think she has no idea what is happening.  Emmy had her first soccer game this past weekend and I wasn't able to be there b/c I was at a photography class.  Although I am sad I missed it, Chris said it was better I wasn't there b/c there are some parents there who are WAY TOO HARDCORE for a 4/5 year old team.
What I’m looking forward to: Food tasting good
What I miss: I miss my energy.  This pregnancy has drained me of energy much more than the others.  I seemed to have missed out on that "honeymoon" 2nd trimester.  I'm not complaining, but it has been noticed (particularly by the hubs) that I have been much more tired this pregnancy.  Although I don't think I could handle drinking any more water to take another pill, I kind of wonder if I'm low in iron?  That sure would be a nice and easy fix.
Preparations: might want to check back in a few weeks.

Monday, March 24, 2014

24 Weeks {the last}

If you've been around this blog long, you know that I love a good comparison picture.  Just like the last update, the pictures are L-R: Emmy, Nora, current belly.  I was obviously the smallest with Emmy.  I feel like I am a crazy amount bigger now than I was with Nora, but in pictures- they look much more similar.  One thing is for sure, my back fat keeps growing faster with each pregnancy!  Yikes.

  • Weight gain? Ugh, yes.  Every pregnancy I tell myself i'm going to do better in the weight department.  +20lbs at 24weeks.  
  • Stretch marks? None that I can see :)
  • Belly button? Sticking out more and more every day.  It will be an outie soon.
  • Sex? Of baby?  Not interested in finding out.  The other kind?  Not interested in that either.
  • Cravings? Sleep and anything that is not sweet or carb loaded.  Eating has not been very fun this pregnancy, very different from Emmy and Nora.
  • Latest hormonal outburst? A few fights with the hubs last week.  I told him if he'd just agree with me then we'd be good to go.  I admitted I wasn't always right, but that it was his duty as the non-hormonal person to turn the other cheek.  How about that for deflection of responsibility???  
  • Vomiting? Just a few times so far, all as a result from my gag reflex and brushing my teeth.
  • Feeling prepared? Yes and no.  We have all the gear, but I'd say it's a little early for nesting and feeling prepared.
  • Names? Wilson "Will" for boy, Evelyn "Evie" for girl- pronounced with a long E on the nickname.
  • Random pregnancy side effects? I am such a light sleeper this pregnancy.  I slept great the past 2 nights up at my parents house b/c Chris and I were sleeping separately, but now that we are back at home I've gone back to waking up each and every time he moves in bed.
  • Maternity Clothes? Yes.  Although I've gained roughly the same amount of weight as previous pregnancies, my belly is so much bigger.
  • Work? Yes, will work up to D-Day.
  • Horrifying picture? No, b/c I'm pretty much a pro at not having pictures taken of my arms and face during pregnancy. I was like this with Emmy and I've remained pretty consistent!
  • Funny for the week, or funniest comment from an "outsider" this week:  I guess this happened about 2 weeks ago, but a TSA guy told me "Congrats, mama" as I was standing in the millimeter wave scanner (which exposes you to thousands of times less energy than making a cell phone call).  I thought it was bold of him to say it, but then again made me realize that I was finally looking pregnant and not fat.  Either way, it made me happy.

Thursday, March 20, 2014

Nora {2 years old}

My apologies to my 2nd born, you obviously don't have as many monthly updates as your sister.  But hey, we did let you start eating suckers earlier than her- so there are some advantages to being the little sister.

Nora, here's what's going on in your life right now:

FAVORITE SONG: "Night Night Nora", to the tune of Frere Jacques.  "Let it Go" and really any other song from Frozen. "Twinkle Twinkle", but only at nighttime.

FAVORITE FOOD(S): You love food.  You are such a good eater.  You particularly like creamy italian dressing, eggs, cuties/halos (little oranges) and cereal in the morning with your daddy.  
FAVORITE BOOK: Tough call as your nightly selections seem to change.  But you really love the Sandra Boynton books, just like your big sister.  You are a really big helper when we read "Moo, Baa, LaLaLa".
FAVORITE WORD(S)/Phrases: "NO Emmy/Momma/Dadda/shoes/shirt/pants", "I need a poo" (I need a spoon), SalDog (sally, the dog), "yeah", "pinkee" (blanket), "mut-mee" (your stuffed monkey).  A few months ago you went through a phase where you repeated each word 3 times...without fail.
FAVORITE SHOW(S): Really, it's whatever Emmy wants to watch.  So right now it's the movie Brave, Frozen and the show Bubble Guppies.


  • You still adore your paci, we plan to take that away once you get all of your teeth.
  • You have about 8 stuffed animals or loveys in your crib with you
  • You also take a sippy of water with you to bed and stuff it up in the corner between your pillow and the crib rails.
  • You want to do everything that Emmy does.  You also demand the same color of utensils and cups and plate that she has.
  • You are either very happy or very upset.  There's not a whole lot of gray area with you.
  • You still love to cuddle and rock at bedtime, and I love that.
  • You give the cutest, yet orneriest looks all the time!  You know how to play us already, and we let you!
Some pictures from our small family celebration last night, the big party will be in a few weekends.

Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Happy Birthday Nora Lee

Wishing my second and soon to be middle child a very special birthday.

She was not impressed with us singing "Happy Birthday" to her today.  She did not want to get dressed or put on shoes.  She did want piggy tails at home but wanted to rip them out once she got to school.  She did not cry at drop off and even asked for a hug and kiss.