Friday, February 6, 2015

Evelyn {7 months}

Eat: Every day is a bit different at school, but we nurse in the morning and then she takes around 15-20 ounces at school.  We she has also tasted some apples, broccoli, saltine crackers and a few baby food squeezies (we are mainly doing baby led weaning)
Sleep: Hmm, again- you never know with this girl.  She's almost always asleep by 630pm and wakes by 630-645. Since Evelyn's naps at school aren't so great, we try to get her to bed early, sometimes as even early as 545.
Naps: Most days she has about two or three 30-45 minute naps. At home she will take ~1hr morning nap, ~1.5 hour afternoon nap and a 30 min catpnap around 4.
Shoes: Haven't even tried.
Clothes: Pretty much 9 Months or larger
Diapers: Size 4
Trips: We went up to TFL to see my family in early January.  We went in the truck and it was AWFUL.  Nora would scream just to keep everyone awake, Evelyn had a terrible meltdown b/c she just wanted to sleep.  We vowed that until Nora gets better in the car, we are taking 2 cars.
Likes: baths, trying to get up on all fours, rolling over whenever she's supposed to be on her back, her teachers at b'nai, looking at her sisters, licking boogers, still LVOES the doorway jumper
Dislikes: long sleeps at school, sleeping through the night for more than 2 nights in a row, getting in her carseat (but then she's fine as soon as you hand her a toy), Nora yelling in her face
Milestones: Can sit alone, cut lower left central incisor on her 7 month birthday (the other one is really close), can get up on all fours, is starting to push herself backwards on tummy time.
Health: Reflux is being managed well and we are still going to OMT appointments.  Ear infection recently that we decided to treat since she had been coughing/wheezing/stuffy nose for over 2 weeks.
Other: The months are going by too fast, the sisters are still getting used to us being a family of 5 and they are still adjusting to sharing a room (more on that later).  Nora cries most days at drop off and Emmy is backtalking quite a bit.  Chris still enjoys work and I just survived layoffs at work (lost 20% of our workforce).  Life is busy but we are so blessed.

Tuesday, December 9, 2014

A letter to my 5 year old

Dear Emmy,

There is nothing eloquent about my writing (that's what you get when your mom has a math degree), but I wanted to write down a few things to let you know how much I love some of the seemingly mundane things that happen in our day to day:

·       You love to sing: real songs, made up songs or just gibberish.  I see lots of choir concerts in our future.
·       You are so confident in your decisionsNEVER lose that quality
·       You color the most beautiful pictures, I can tell that you take your time and work VERY hard
·       You love having your nails and toes painted in fun colors with lots of glitter.just like me!
·       At dance and at gymnastics, you give 100%.  Your teachers always tell me that you are a very hard worker!
·       Your kind heart shows me that you think about others
·       You have the best memory, how do you do that?  I cannot remember anything anymore!
·       You have joy in your heart.
·       Even though it’s really hard being a big sister sometimes, you try your best to be a good example and a first time listener so that Nora will do the same thing.

I love you sweet girl.  Always stay strong.  Always remember that I love you and only want you to be the best person that you can be.



Thursday, December 4, 2014

Evelyn {5 months}

Evelyn just turned 5 months old, seriously???? We are almost to a 1/2 of a year and that gives me anxiety.  So I will try not to think about it just yet.

Now onto the real reason of this post, updates on Evelyn.

Eat: Every day is a bit different at school, but we nurse in the morning and then she takes around 15-20 ounces at school.  If it's a low volume day at school then we give a small bottle at home at dinner time and then we nurse at night.
Sleep: Hmm, again- you never know with this girl.  She's almost always asleep by 7pm and wakes by 630-645.  Most nights we have a night time "all you can eat" party sometime between 2 and 5.
Naps: Most days she has about four 30-45 minute naps.
Shoes: Haven't even tried.
Clothes: Mostly 6-9 month clothes if it's a dress or 2 pieces.  The 6 month sleepers are starting to get too small though.
Diapers: Size 3 but I think we need to move up soon, they are getting a bit small.
Trips: Fayetteville on 11/22 for our annual dinner w/ Chris' grad school advisor.  We also went up to TFL for Thanksgiving.  Evelyn did GREAT with all the craziness...much better than Nora at Colorado (close to the same age)
Likes: bath time, trying to do situps from a laying position, sticking her tongue out, blowing out her diapers, being tickled on the ribs, pulling her sisters' hair, eating, smiling so sweetly and innocently at me in the middle of the night, the johnny jump up, reading Llama Llama Red Pajama at night time
Dislikes: a good long nap, when Nora kicks her or stands over her like an alpha dog, showing off her skills for the camera.  There's really not much else.  Evelyn is such a content little baby.
Milestones: Bringing all toys to mouth, trying to sit up all the time, a few displays of stranger anxiety, if we have eye contact with her and then disappear from sight- she will keep looking in our direction until we come back in sight, rolls from belly to back when she wants but is REALLY trying to get from back to belly (she's oh so close)
Health: Reflux is being managed well and we are still going to OMT appointments.  I took Nora and Evelyn in right before Thanksgiving and Evelyn had a lingering ear infection and Nora had a sinus infection.  Other than that, we are well.  Evelyn weighed in at 18.5# at that appointment.
Other: Life is moving too fast.  Dinners are still a crapshoot.  I stay up too late and wake up too early.  Every night Chris and I spend at least 30 minutes getting our house back in order- I need a daily maid.  The girls are enjoying this season of Advent and we are doing our best to instill in them the true meaning of the season (with a side of Santa and Elf on the Shelf mixed in).  Life is crazy but life is good.  I'm lucky to have Chris by my side for every bit of it.

I posted this on FB...but here is a ~5 months comparison shot.   Not identical at this point, but you can definitely tell that these girls are sisters!

And here's our 5 month collage.  So in love with this chill baby.

Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Evelyn {3 months}

Evelyn just turned 3 months can that be???  We have had a busy month: I returned to work, Evelyn started at B'Nai, we took our first road trip and many trips to gymnastics and dance class.  Evelyn continues to be an even tempered, go with the flow baby.  Please let it stay that way!!!

I have mostly enjoyed returning to work.  I am so thankful to be able to work out at the Y at lunch time.  I think I've lost a little bit of weight since last month and just have about 3lbs to go!!!  I am running the Tulsa Run 5K on Oct 25th, so hopefully training for that will help with the last few lbs.

Now onto the real reason of this post, updates on Evelyn.

Eat: Yesterday Evelyn nursed at 715, then had bottles at 930 (5.5oz), 11:50 (5oz), 2:10 (5oz), 4:40 (5oz), nursed at 6pm and 715pm. 
Sleep: It's been a little rough the last week b/c of Evelyn's cold.  However, she's usually asleep by 8-9 and awake at 630-7.  It's not the most restful sleep for either of us, but I am not having to feed her in the middle of the night. At the beginning of the month she was going to bed at 1030, so we've made lots of progress here! She is currently sleeping in the rock & play b/c of congestion, but usually sleeps in the pack & play.
Naps: All over the place.  We can usually count on one good nap per day (1.5-2 hours) and then lots of catnaps.
Shoes: Haven't even tried.
Clothes: Mostly 6-9 month clothes.  Many of these clothes are hand-me-downs so I'm sure they have shrunk a little bit.
Diapers: Size 3 at home and finishing up size 2's at school.  We always move up a size when she starts to have lots and lots of blowouts!
Trips: First trip to TFL Sept 12, Girls Weekend in Ottawa Oct 3
Likes: bath time (her most active time of day, just like Nora), breathing fast when she's starting to get upset, batting at toys, smiling at familiar faces
Dislikes: the period of time between bath and bedtime (as soon as she's out of the bath she gets cranky and wants to eat), taking multiple long naps in a day (she used to take long ones at home on the weekends but they have disappeared...I don't know what we do so wrong with our kids and sleep!)...that's about it. Evelyn is such an even tempered kid.
Milestones: Likes to sit up in bumbo, bearing more weight on legs, smiles when you tickle her chest/neck, more cooing, lifts head and all of chest on tummy time, intentionally bringing hands to mouth and very interested in grabbing things, likes to stick her tongue out and "lick the air", blowing spit bubbles (started with the wonder week leap 12), started at b'nai on Sept 10, transitioned to pack & play (out of smaller cradle) on Sept 28
Health: I touched on it earlier, but Evelyn has a cold: goopy eyes, sneezing, coughing, snot, etc.  She's had it for about a week. If it's still the same at the end of the week then I'll take her in to evaluate for a sinus infection.  No fever yet, but the older girls don't run fevers very often either. Reflux seems to be about the same.  She's still very spitty but the Zantac has helped it not hurt her so much.Other: I am still off of dairy but did have a dairy meal last night b/c we were so rushed.  It has been really hard this time around to get back into the groove of making dinners.  Obviously having 3 kids makes things harder but having them in 2 different schools doesn't make things easier.  All 3 of our children are doing well with transitioning to new schools and being a part of a family of 5.  

Friday, September 5, 2014

Evelyn {2 months}

We've made it to two months!  Two months of spit up, blow out diapers, finding deeply hidden spit up in the neck, being tormented by older sisters, and two months of being cute.  Evelyn's little personality is starting to shine through and there's definitely been more interaction!

I was just looking at Nora's 2 month post to spur my memory and at this point with Nora I still had 13# to lose.  Happy to say that I only have 5-6# to go this time around.  I'm not stressing about it much at this point.  I am hoping that when I go back to work, and back to working out, I'll be able to get it off easily!

Here's what we are up to with Evelyn

Eat: about 7-9 times a day
Sleep: Evelyn is a night owl and usually goes down around 1030.  She wakes around 5-6am but I can usually hold her off with the paci until I wake her at 7 to eat.  I am contemplating whether this is good or not.  On one hand, it allows us to go longer between feedings but on the other hand, I am still awake the whole time b/c I have to reinsert the paci so many times. Nighttime is spent in the rock and play sleeper and some of her naps are spent in the cradle. She still likes her arms to be swaddled.
Shoes: I don't even know what tub our newborn shoes are hiding in...
Clothes: 0-3 and 3 month clothes. She is wearing the 6-9 month Gerber onesies which brings me to the question of, does anyone's baby really fit into the gerber onesie sizes at the same age?  They seem to be so teeny tiny.
Diapers: Just moved up to size 2, we were having too many blowouts in the size 1.
Trips: nothing further than Claremore
Likes: keeping her eyes closed (self defense mechanism so that big sisters don't bother her?), kicking and batting at her floor gym, a nice swaddle, spitting up, baths and being held or in a carrier
Dislikes: being hit by or having toes pulled on by Nora, being poked in the eyeball by, are we seeing a pattern?
Milestones: In the past few weeks Evelyn has tried the bumbo and at least moves head side to side on tummy time, but no vertical movement yet.  She has also just started big smiles and multiple conversational cooing sessions during the day (8 weeks).
Other: At her 2 month appt, Evelyn checked in at 23" and 14#, that means she's up 7.5# from birth!!!!  She is very calm right now and has little demands.  She does have some reflux and we just started Zantac.  We also have an OMT appointment scheduled for Friday.  Hopefully the combination will bring her some much needed relief.