Monday, July 6, 2009

Picture Post

So just a few pictures to sum up the past few weeks/month.

The first- an action shot of the volleyball game on the 4th. This dresser was my grandma's. It is a wonderfully built oak dresser, and it was beautiful- but we just wanted to change it up a bit. This was our first attempt at creating that antiqued look, I'm fairly pleased with it. We practically have a whole quart of glaze left- so Chris better hide the furniture from me or else everything in the house is going to be antiqued!
This is Frank up at my parents. He is attempting to swim, but he kept putting his snout in the water while swimming. Too funny.

My nephew Jackson turned 1 in June, he gently- yet thoroughly dug into his cake!

Lastly- my car. I need to sell it. Do you want to buy it?

That's all the pictures for now. Hoping that here in a few weeks I'll have some more interesting ones to post (ie: Emmy). On Wednesday I reach 35 weeks, pretty hard to believe!


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