Monday, June 29, 2009

Cool Front

So a cool front moved through the area yesterday! Isn't that exciting? It was in the upper 60's when I woke up today, I got to ride to work with the windows down- one of my favorite things. I love living in Tulsa and being so close to work/church/friends/etc. There is, however, one little thing I miss. As much as I complained about my commute, I really enjoyed the drive into work. It gave me some time to eat breakfast, wake up, think- or not think, pray, and watch the sun rise. The 15 minute drive on the BA now just doesn't compare to the drive on the turnpike. Don't take me as complaining though, I just wanted to point this out b/c I NEVER thought I'd miss ANYTHING about the Claremore-Tulsa drive.

So, in a previous post- I stated everything I hoped we could accomplish over the weekend. I think we got it all done! Well, we didn't do too much relaxing- so we'll do that tonight. Emmy's room actually looks like a room, not a junk collection site. Chris hung curtain rods and curtains in 2 bedrooms and then I steamed the curtains. Our house is spotless- whew, it feels good.

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