Wednesday, July 29, 2009

2 weeks to go...

So I had my 38 week appt yesterday and we're progressing!!


Other news:
  • the paper lanterns for Emmy's room came in, hopefully we'll hang them tonight
  • my lotion order from l'occitaine also came in, love that lotion
  • it's only 83 degrees right now, how crazy is that for an Oklahoma summer.
  • my right foot is swelling more than my left foot
  • emmy is a squirmy worm, i keep telling her that the lease is up, rent is due- time to come out
  • we have her swing setup in the den, can't wait for her to try it out
  • we had pizza for dinner tonight, thin crust w/ canadian bacon & pineapple and mandarins- homemade of course. it was AWESOME!
  • taking the dogs on another walk tonight...WALK, WALK, WALK

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