Friday, August 12, 2011

iPhone Friday 08/12/2011

We had a busy busy start to this past week with Emmy's bday party on Saturday.  A post to come on that one.  In fact, I need to do a two year old update too, wow- I'm behind.

So by Saturday evening I was sick of being in my house and especially my kitchen so we headed to Pei Wei @ 61st/Yale (about 2.5 miles from our house).  Emmy decided she needed to wear her new princess dress up shoes and take in her purse.  And since she's two now, she figures that she is supposed to get her way whenever and wherever....maybe.

While we were eating dinner and watching the rain barely come down at the restaurant, this was happening at our house.

White trash pool.

I mentioned earlier that she is two now, right?  Well, do I need to even explain this picture?

Enjoying her new bike from mommy and daddy.  She will ride for a short while, but then wants to get out and steer the bike with the parent handle.

This was from last night at the Brook...I asked Emmy to give her daddy a hug and this is what we got.

Not much on the plate for this weekend.  Just a "get to know a new member of the extended family after the wedding" shower, a church activity Saturday afternoon after E's nap, and helping host a baby shower Sunday (although I have to admit I have been a lowsy sorry Kathryn!).

Hope you have a good one and find some time to just kick back and relax!

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