Monday, August 1, 2011

iPhone Friday 07/30/2011

AKA "iPhone pics from while we were on our glorious vacation where it was in the mid 40s in the morning and mid 60s at sunset"

Eating mac & cheese at Toby Keith's.  It was a featured side item that evening...I was expecting something a little more gourmet.  But oh well, it was Emmy approved.

Miss Emmy did really well on the flights over vacation.  Our flight to Denver left at 7am (which is her prime time).  On a typical night's rest she would have been rarin' to go...however, we were up with a pukey child for a few hours after dinner.  Note to self: Emmy still cannot handle Mexican food, including but not limited to queso.

Breakfast.McDonalds.Ketchup in a cup.

Sporting her new tutu and headband from Bunco!

Still obsessed with babies.  This is my nephew Hollis, whom Emmy lovingly refers to as "Baby Holla"

Maybe this next week I'll actually get an iPhone friday post up on time.

Ah, who am I kidding?

Emmy's birthday party is this Saturday and I really haven't started planning/decorating/anything for it yet.  What kind of irresponsible mother am I????

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