Friday, August 5, 2011

iPhone Friday 08/05/2011

Happy Friday! We are gearing up for emmy's big number two tomorrow!! Here are some pics from the past week.

Apparently, Emmy thinks this is what you do with junk mail. Pretty close.

My car is in the shop for routine work, I have been stuck driving my MIL's Lexus. It's terrible! (please tell me you could sense the sarcasm). Thank you dianna! I feel luxurious this week!

This is an oldie, but it came through in an email this week. If you knew me 5 years ago-you also know that we had some issues with our photographer. A friend captured this an it's the only shot of me and my dad heading down the aisle.

Last Saturday, I covered Emmy up with Chris' work vest. She now thinks that it is her blankey and requests it whenever she is in his truck now!

Found this as inspiration for a birthday party decoration. I'll definitely have a birthday post later this weekend!

Hope you all have an amazing weekend. Stay cool and remember this heat shall pass too! Let's remember all the positives in our lives.

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  1. you made it forcefully how more you wanted to add.??


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