Friday, April 11, 2014

The return of iPhone Friday

I miss the iPhone Friday updates. Since I have been terrible at monthly updates for Nora, I would like to get into the swing of documenting our day to day before the arrival of the baby.

So this past week:I successfully celebrated my birthday without the Facebook world knowing, received some beautiful flowers, have been at my wit's end with Nora's temper tantrums and can't understand why Emmy has regressed to acting like a baby. All great things to be experiencing as we enter the last trimester of pregnancy, huh??

Buuuut, my girls do have their sweet moments. Sometimes they can be caught brushing their teeth together, discussing wardrobe options and occasionally Nora will even give Emmy big bear hugs.

I try to hold on to those sweet times, but it is so hard when they are so overwhelmingly outnumbered by the difficult times.

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