Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Dear Self,

Dear Self,

I know right now both of your kids live off of minimal amounts of sleep, your four year old hangs her head and shoulders when disappointed or sad, your two year old gets insanely irate over the most insignificant things and your husband isn't quite as perfect as you'd like him to be.  But guess what?  You are guilty of all those things mentioned above, especially the ones pertaining to the children.

Self, have you ever heard of that "spittin' image" thing?  Yeah.  It happens and it's happening here.

But not to worry self, perhaps one day your children will work in jobs where critical decisions need to be made on a small amount of sleep.  Perhaps that sulking four year old will grow up to be a very sympathetic and caring person.  It's almost a guarantee that the fiery two year old will be a very passionate person.  That's good, right?  Let's just pray it's passion for the correct things.

And that husband?  He is perfect.  He puts up with you, which is something that many other men in this world would not do. He loves you through your pretty and your ugly, your skinny and your fat, your patient and your insanely irate times.

Self, I think most importantly you need to know that one day you will not be pregnant. Your back won't ache all day and hopefully your jaw will open each and every time you ask it to.  You won't be struggling to bend over and pick things up and you won't breathe heavy from just walking to the parking garage.  You won't have red swollen feet from the meds you are taking and you won't be carrying around all this extra weight.

But guess what else, self?  One day your belly will be empty and you will have to share that baby with everyone else.  Your toddlers will be grown and they won't need you like they once did.  They will also figure out that you may NOT know everything in the world and they might even find things they adore more than you.  Your feet may still be red and swollen but it will be because it's 9pm and you've just returned home from a day full of work, gymnastics, soccer, softball and dance.

Life is good right now and life will be good later.  Self, please try to enjoy today.  Do everything you can do to build up those around you.  Try not to yell.  Try not to sigh. Try to point out the positive. Try to not let them see the disappointment in your eyes if it's not really necessary.  Try to remember that the same frustrations you feel- well, God feels those every day about YOU.  Try to love.

You are a good person, self.  You just need more massages, pedicures, and alone time.

Note: Please do not take this as a complaint about pregnancy.  If you've been around here long you know of our struggles with viable pregnancies.  However, the fact of the matter is that it DOES take a toll on you physically and emotionally and right now I just needed to remind myself of a few things.

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  1. Good reminder to all moms no matter what we are all struggling with right now….


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