Monday, October 13, 2008

Midterms and Monster

Midterms and Lo Carb Monster
they sure go hand in hand
Staying up till 2 o clock
Coldplay is so grand

Rocking out the laptop
So sleepy I can't think
Do I really like grad school?
I think I'm on the brink

Of having a major panic attack
My heartburn won't subside
Zantac, tums and bland food
This is a wild ride

Thank goodness for my hubby
He tries to calm my storm
Giving me the much needed confidence
I know I can perform

Surely I can make a B
I'd also take a C
But what about those braniacs
No curve? You're killin me!!

I'll wrap it up by saying this
Midterms are not much fun
Tonight instead of studying
I think I'll be a bum.

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