Friday, October 17, 2008

Girls Weekend

So this weekend I'm up at my parents for the annual Girls' Weekend. Every year, the females in my family get together in the fall. We shop, eat, drink wine, go on walks, and talk together. It's my mom, aunt, cousins on one side and a cousin on another side. So we're on day one of girls weekend. Some arrived on Thursday and some of us got here today. I arrived today around 3:30. I'm not really sure what everyone did earlier in the day, but I guranteed you some eating went down. That's the one downfall of GW (girl's weekend). When I come back Sunday evening, I'll probably weight about 4 lbs more than I do at this very moment.

So far for GW we have: had mexican for dinner, gone on a walk, told numerous funny stories in one evening and now we're watching The Ring. Well, I'm not really watching- I'm blogging instead. But I think I'll watch the movie and see if I can be LESS frightened than the last time I watched this movie.

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