Tuesday, September 16, 2008

worn out

I'm worn out, not because of these 2 little faces- but because of everything else. Thank goodness for a wonderfully supportive husband and little puppies who love us unconditionally.
I just had a semi-revelation while sitting in class tonight- I'M SICK OF SCHOOL! Ha. What are we, a month into the semester? oh no! Here's the deal- one of my classes, Advanced Reservoir, is just meaningless. I feel like I could write a few verses and throw them into Ecclesiastes. What would "Teacher", the author of the book, have to say about this situation. We've been doing a series at church called "good news, even when life stinks" and we are covering Ecclesiastes. The series is almost over and I think I've just been coasting through the study- feeling like my life is pretty good. Which- my life is REALLY good, but I just hit a pretty big bump today. Oh..what to do, what to do. For tonight, I've just decided the answer is to have a glass of wine and watch some good reality TV. I'll save the deep thinking for later.

The Biggest Loser: families started tonight, I love this show. I love how empowered the contestants feel when they learn about nutrition and finally see weight loss success. Plus- you can get some great nutrition and exercise tips from the show.

Hope everyone is having a good morning/noon/night, whenever you happen to be reading this.
Au revoir.

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  1. ...I want another puppy. Your page is AWESOME. Of course, "big brother" does not allow access to the blogspot. We are so beat down!


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