Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Our New Kids

Meet our new kids, Frank and Sally. They are border collie/ blue heeler mixes that we got from a shelter in Bartlesville. They are about 4 months old. I'm not sure how much they weigh, but they weigh more now than they did when we got them. Sally is in the background of the pictures- she is a little more reserved than her brother. Frank- as you can tell by the picture- is showing a little bit more personality at this point.
So here's how we came up with their names: Chris went to a men's retreat a few weekends ago and there was a blue heeler there by the name of Sally (as in Mustang Sally). The shelter gave Frank his name b/c of his blue eyes. So we've got Mustang Sally and ole' Blue Eyes Frank Sinatra. They have been really fun so far.
Seems to be that many females we know have been drinking this certain fluid that seems to make them get really bloated- and 9 months later- have a baby! I am trying to stay away from that certain fluid- water!- and I'm sticking to diet coke. So, now we can kind of fit in since we have our new kids.
The only problems I see right now include: They like to dig. Sally is territorial and growls at her brother. I'd rather play with them than study. They are outside doggies and I feel bad for them when it rains.
Oh dear- what will be like someday when I finally decide to drink that crazy fluid called water.

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