Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Evelyn {8 Months}

Time to play a little catch up!  This is so cliche, but seriously- time has flown by.  Evelyn is 9.5 months old and I swear it feels like she was just a little slug baby that we were dragging around to swim lessons in the heat of the summer.  What happened?  

Eat: Every day is a bit different at school, but we nurse in the morning and then she takes around 15-20 ounces at school. We also feed her any and all table food (as long as it's not loaded with dairy).  Some of her favorites include cheerios, puffs, roasted broccoli, strawberries...actually, anything, the girl loves to eat.  She's not really holding her own bottle yet, though.
Sleep: Hmm, again- you never know with this girl.  She's almost always asleep by 630pm and wakes by 630-645. Since Evelyn's naps at school aren't so great, we try to get her to bed early, sometimes as even early as 545. 
Naps: Most days she has one 1-1.5 hour nap or two 30-45 minute naps. On a bad nap day, she might fall asleep on the way home from school. At home she will take ~1hr morning nap, ~1.5 hour afternoon nap and occasionally a 30 min catpnap in the late afternoon.
Shoes: Size 2
Clothes: Pretty much 9 Months or larger
Diapers: Size 4 (we sometimes use Nora's size 5 and those work fine too)
Trips: True to what I said on last month's updated, we have decided to take 2 cars when traveling to my parents.  This month, we had Hays and Hollis' birthday party.  I went up with Emmy and Evelyn on Friday night and Chris and Nora met us at the party Saturday morning.  The trip was MUCH better.
Likes: Going from all fours to sitting, putting anything and everything in her mouth, nursing to sleep, laying on her belly and flapping arms and legs at the same time like she's flying, 
Dislikes: THESE ARE ALL REPEATS FROM LAST MONTH! long sleeps at school, sleeping through the night for more than 2 nights in a row, getting in her carseat (but then she's fine as soon as you hand her a toy), Nora yelling in her face
Milestones: Took a world record nap of 3 hr and 45 minutes on 2/15/15! Lower right central incisor came in on 2/15.  On 2/22 she was able to go from her belly to sitting and on 2/28 she started CRAWLING!  She is by far my earliest crawler.  She's making "baaa", "muh" and "yeah" sounds.  She loves playing with her toes and does a really good down dog.
Health: Another ear infection, imagine that.
Other: We had family pictures taken this month and also had Evelyn's dedication at church.  It was a family thing so our whole clan was up at the front.  Emmy and Nora did well.  Emmy stayed right by us and Nora climbed up the steps and just watched herself on the side screens.  We had a nice Valentine's day.  We also had enough snow to actually play and sled in it!

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