Tuesday, December 9, 2014

A letter to my 5 year old

Dear Emmy,

There is nothing eloquent about my writing (that's what you get when your mom has a math degree), but I wanted to write down a few things to let you know how much I love some of the seemingly mundane things that happen in our day to day:

·       You love to sing: real songs, made up songs or just gibberish.  I see lots of choir concerts in our future.
·       You are so confident in your decisionsNEVER lose that quality
·       You color the most beautiful pictures, I can tell that you take your time and work VERY hard
·       You love having your nails and toes painted in fun colors with lots of glitter.just like me!
·       At dance and at gymnastics, you give 100%.  Your teachers always tell me that you are a very hard worker!
·       Your kind heart shows me that you think about others
·       You have the best memory, how do you do that?  I cannot remember anything anymore!
·       You have joy in your heart.
·       Even though it’s really hard being a big sister sometimes, you try your best to be a good example and a first time listener so that Nora will do the same thing.

I love you sweet girl.  Always stay strong.  Always remember that I love you and only want you to be the best person that you can be.



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