Monday, October 22, 2012

7 months {nora}

Happy 7 months to the cutest little girl named Nora that I know! I say it every month, but goshdarnit, time is flying by TOO fast. 

Here are a few(or alot) of highlights from the past month.

Eat: Milk and solids nowadays.  We are halfway implementing the "Baby Led Weaning" theory (we introduced finger foods a little after 6 months) and we are also doing purees.  The shortlist of foods that she has tried: banana, avocado, strawberries, pineapple, oatmeal, apple slices, egg yolk, green beans and mum mums.  As far as milk is concerned, my guess is that she's nursing/taking by bottle about 24-28oz per day.
Sleep: Asleep by 7pm and usually awake by ???am.  She was waking at 515ish for a few days and then would go back to sleep in the mornings.  Just this morning (10/22/12, so this should technically go in next months post) she slept from 715 to 615!  Sweet Jesus Hallelujah!  Seriously, the first thing I did was thank Jesus for her one night of *potentially* amazing sleep.  Of course, the one night Nora slept thru was the one night Emmy had to wake to pee.  Oh well. On a normal night for Nora, I still usually end up in the guest room to be on paci patrol.
Naps: Naps are still sporadic, but we (daycare & me) are really trying to get her on a schedule.  Last week she did a great job of having a 45 minute morning nap and 2+ hour afternoon nap.  I know this is still nowhere close to the sleep that she should be getting, but we are still grateful for it.
Food: Whoops, I forgot about this section and put it all above.  I will add here that Nora's hand-eye-mouth coordination is pretty good.  I think I'll go ahead and contribute it to introducing finger foods earlier than we did with Emmy.
Health: Thought she had an ear infection at her 6 month appt (which was actually at 6m3w), but all was clear.  She was messing with her ear again tonight, so I wonder if her teeth are trying to move up.
Shoes: What are shoes?
Clothes: 6-9 months.
Diapers: Size 3.
Trips: Up to Kansas a few weekends ago for Halle's bday party.  I think that's it.
Likes: grabbing noses and chins, eating the bill of Chris' hats, nursing, playing with her feet and trying to chew her big toes, feeding herself, listening to books, pat-a-cake, petting Sally, pooping right when going to sleep and pooping in the bath, keeping her feet constantly moving and ankles rolling, shaking her head "no" with a big fat grin on her face.
Dislikes: not getting things the exact moment that she wants them, regular schedules, finishing a full bottle, new faces
Milestones: Sitting upright and pretty steady. Talking more, still alot of "hey", "ha" and "huh" sounds.  The other night, at 4am, I swear she was saying "mamamamamam" (of course, not saying MOM on purpose), or maybe it was just my lack of sleep that imagined this up.  Can put paci in mouth proficiently.  Reaches for and grabs objects, takes them from hand to hand.
Other: Nora's little personality is really starting to shine through.  If the girl wants a bottle, you better get it to her STAT!  If she wants to stop taking it just to look around, you better take it out of her mouth STAT or else she is going to let you know about it!  Little miss thing is entering a stranger anxiety, something that Emmy didn't start going through until recently.  This is all new territory for us, so it should make her baby dedication next month interesting.  I just hope she doesn't cry.  Nora is so funny in that she doesn't roll over consistently.  She seems pretty content on tummy time and only fusses after being there for 10-15 minutes.  I'm pretty certain she knows how to roll (since she's done it quite a few times in the past)...but maybe she just has a short term memory :).  Also, Nora's not a big fan of naps.  We spent alot of time fighting her this past weekend to go down.  Coupled with Emmy being in the "treacherous three's", this weekend really wore Chris and me out.   I had to remind myself many times how fortunate we are to have our girls, and that did help ease frustrations.

Well, if you made it through all of this nonsensical rambling- you deserve some pictures.


  1. I love how much detail you write here - you (and the girls!) will treasure this in years to come!

  2. My mom did such a good job with my baby book, and for some weird reason, I love looking at it (often). Hope my girls have that same kind of fun sometime.


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