Friday, June 1, 2012

iPhone Friday 06/01/2012

We have had a busy week this past week, which makes for a lot of pictures.

Me. No makeup. Bags under eyes.  Cute little girl on my lap.

Daddy and 2 of his 3 girls.  We need to get a male dog/fish/anything around the house for Chris.

Celebrating Pentecost at the Cambridge Presbyterian Church (Cambridge, KS).

I love this little country church.

Nora looks so tiny resting in Papa's arms.

Little model girl.


Some of my Indiana family and Kansas family came to visit, poor Hollis did not enjoy bath time with the triplets.  I have more pics of the girls in the tub, but need to edit out/cover some girly parts before posting.

Happy Friday all!  This has to be one of the best June 1st on record.  The windows are open, the girls are napping, and the rain is gently falling outside.  Thank you God for the rain.

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